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How to View Private Instagram Accounts (7 Proven Hacks)

Spying your love or stalking your crush on social media and want to view Private Instagram accounts? Fret not as we have got you the rundown of 7 effective ways to hack into some private account without letting them know.

Instagram is the leading social media platform to upload your photographs, videos and to post your stories. It is well-known for offering excellent safety features by allowing users to turn the Private Mode on and safeguard the data from unauthorized access.

However, there are loopholes to everything and Instagram is no exception. Just follow these 7 hacks to trace a private profile without breaking the rules. Let’s dig into the same.

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Proven ways to view private Instagram accounts

1. Send a Follow Request

The very first and common way to get into someone’s private Instagram account is to send them a follow request from your ID and wait until that person accepts it. This is the legal way to get updated with their stories and day-to-day life activities without creating any fuss.

Initiate the search for your desired account, press the Follow button available on their profile, and wait for a while till they accept your request. If you are in luck and the person is online around that time to accept your request, then you’ll be able to check out their profile right away.

2. Take Google’s Help

So, you have waited for a long but your Follow request is still pending or get rejected by that person? Don’t stress about the same as we have several other methods to view Private Instagram accounts. The easiest one is to call Google for help. Open the browser of your choice, enter the username of the Private Account, and press enter to hack the same.

Google has a library of all posts of the Instagram user and, therefore, it is the latest and probably one of the hassle-free methods to hack someone’s account. Once the search page loads, you need to click on the Images tab and check out all the photographs posted by that person. This will display the collection of the public posts along with the profile picture. Sounds great, right?

3. Take help from the mutual friend

Aptly said, “A Friend in need is a friend indeed” and this really works out in this scenario. Just seek the help of a mutual friend and view Private Instagram accounts through their profile. You can also ask them to check out the account and save their posts for you.

This method doesn’t involve any breaking of rules or effort. Ask your mutual friend for help and get it done with ease.

4. Create a Fake Id

Okay, let’s face it, guys!! You want to get into someone’s private account just because either you don’t want to follow them from your genuine account or your request might get rejected. Worry not, as in this case, you can simply go for the fake ID. Just create an account with a fake name and send a Follow request to view Private Instagram accountsSimple, isn’t it?

5. Use IGmods.com to view Private Instagram accounts

IGmods.com is one of the leading third-party apps to get into private IG accounts. Carry out the below-mentioned steps and get it done in no time.

  • Visit IGmods.com and click on the View Private Accounts tab.
  • Enter the Target Instagram Username and hit the Connect button.
  • Wait for a while till it gets connected.
  • Double-click the username to confirm the username and you will then get a message – Private Data Successfully Unlocked
  • Go back to Instagram and now you will be able to see their posts.

6. Go for IGLookup.com

Yet another best tool to view Private Instagram accounts is IGLookup. It does a pretty good job of spying on anyone on Instagram without letting them. One can easily hack the IG account with this tool and that too without breaking any rules.

7. Use Instagram++ Extension

Lastly, users can go for the Instagram++ extension and get into the private accounts effortlessly. Download this extension and integrate the same with the app to hack the private IG accounts. This goes well with both Android and Apple-enabled smartphones and is available for free.

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The Bottom Line

Hope you find it helpful!! Feel free to choose any hack and spy your favorite account hassle-free.


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