iPhone, iPad Users can not search anything related to Word ‘Asian’

Apple’s default content filters restricting users from searching the word “Asian” and not only this single word but all other words that have Asian in it like Asian food, Asian Countries. Furthermore, this restriction is not limited to inbuild browser safari but to third party browsers as well, i.e chrome.

This is only happening with the word Asian because other words such as Chinese, Korean, Arab, Africans are available with search results. In late 2019, the restriction was first noticed. This was then reported to Apple by iOS developer Steve Shen shortly thereafter. However, the iPhone maker is yet to bring a fix.

If the content filter is enabled in your apple device you can not search anything related to the word Asian. You get a message like, “You cannot browse this page at ‘google.com’ because it is restricted”, whenever you search it.

The content filter was first introduced in 2018 with iOS12. The filters are introduced to introduced safety for kid use. But the reason is still vague that why Asian words if filtered out!

Many pornographic websites have Asians as their category but Black, white, Korean and Arab can be accessed easily which are highly involved in pornographic content. This could not be understood until a clear reason will be specified.

Developer Steven Shen first noticed all this and informed Apple’s CEO Tim cook as well as many journalists as well but this has not been fixed yet.

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How can you enable the filters?

  • Go to Settings then head to Screen Time
  • Click on Content & Privacy Restrictions then Content Restrictions
  • Go to Web Content and move to Limited Adult Websites

Moreover, It was noticed that Bing and Yahoo are two exceptions on which the search related to Asian words is working if content filters are enabled. Furthermore, if you use MAC with a content filter option, there could not be any problem and the word is searchable.

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