Is Amazon Prime’s ‘El Cid’ Based on a True Story? Details on the Show


Amazon Prime has made some classic and hit original series over the course of their time as a streaming platform. From Man in the High Castle to Fleabag, there is no denying that Netflix and Hulu should be a little worried about the power Amazon Prime has to deliver great content.

Their new original series, The Legend of El Cid, is no different. The Legend of El Cid is a Spanish-language series telling the story of a famous Spanish folk hero, El Cid. The show takes place during Medieval times, and yes, is based on a true story. While there will be some differences, the show definitely takes inspiration from real events from the history of Spain. 

El Cid has been portrayed in Hollywood before the Amazon Prime series.

In the 1960s, Charles Heston played the role of El Cid in an epic film of the same name. Today, Jaime Lorente, most known for his role in the Netflix series, Money Heist, will take the reins when it comes to portraying El Cid. Amazon Studios could not be more excited about the rest of the cast as well.

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“We are very happy that the production of ‘El Cid‘ has started with such a powerful cast and we are sure that this epic story will be well received by the members of Prime, not only in Spain but all over the world,” Georgia Brown, Director of European Amazon Original Series at Amazon Studios, told Fotogramas. 

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José Velasco, producer and one of the creators of the series also feels that El Cid will make a true impact on today’s society and transport viewers back to another time and place. 

Source: Amazon

“This impressive production will teleport viewers back to the Middle Ages,” says José Velasco, producer and one of the creators of the series told Fotograma. “The actors are magnificent, Jaime has been able to become [Rodrigo] in the first sequence, everything we had imagined has come true. El Cid rides!”


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