Is Angelina Pregnant on ‘Jersey Shore’? It Would Complicate Things


It’s unclear where or how the rumor started, but somehow, fans have come to the conclusion that Angelina is pregnant. Because she hasn’t announced this herself yet and her Instagram gives no clues of a pregnancy, it’s safe to say she and husband Chris Larangeira are not having a baby any time soon.

In December 2019, Angelina spoke to Page Six about baby plans and said that, at the time, she and Chris weren’t quite ready to start a family.

“I feel, like, right now I still have a little bit of party left in me,” she admitted. “I would say, like, another summer — and then probably after the summer we’re going to work on it.”

If that’s still the plan, then Angelina and Chris could have a baby as soon as 2021, but she doesn’t appear to be pregnant right now.


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