Is Boris Kodjoe Leaving ‘Station 19’? Info on His Character’s Future


Robert Sullivan was nearly fired for stealing drugs and lying on ‘Station 19.’

Robert arrived at Station 19 in the Season 2 premiere, playing the fire station’s new chief — and later, the battalion chief overseeing multiple stations. 

Midway through that second season, Robert suffers a leg injury during a windstorm when the station’s aid car is pushed down a cliff with him and Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) inside.

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He avoids paralysis, but he has months of painful therapy and lingering after-effects throughout Seasons 2 and 3, and eventually, he starts stealing fentanyl from the station’s medical supplies and lies about the fentanyl inventory count to Ben (Jason George).

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The jig is up, however, once Emmett (Lachlan Buchanan) finds Robert overdosing in his office. And in Season 4, Robert — now married to Andy — faces a disciplinary hearing, where almost all of his colleagues testify that he’s a man of good character. The commissioners allow Robert to stay a firefighter, but they strip him of his rank, making him a “probie” firefighter again.

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The actors are glad Robert and Andy don’t have a perfect relationship.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jaina Lee Ortiz and Boris Kodjoe discussed the roadblocks to the characters’ marriage — and how the trials and tribulations might make them stronger.

“I think it starts out with his drug abuse,” Boris said. “That’s a challenge in itself, and then her trauma and sadness and rage about her father leaving her, and then her finding out her mother is still alive, that alone is a lifetime worth of drama. So, we’ll see how they handle it. I think we all know that they love each other very much and they want to be together. I think it’s interesting when you explore relationships from the perspective of not giving up rather than letting obstacles break you apart.”

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“Right, because if Andy and Sullivan had the perfect relationship, if it was all rainbows and butterflies and cotton candy, it would be boring. It wouldn’t be interesting,” Jaina added. “And the fact that we’re faced with traumatic challenges, it makes you appreciate how they come together and how they work through those hard times because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

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