Is ‘Bridgerton’ Based on a Book? There’s Lots of Source Material


Bridgerton isn’t all Shonda has planned for Netflix, though. In 2017, she signed a $150 million deal with Netflix in exchange for tons of fresh content from the mastermind behind ABC mainstay Grey’s Anatomy and, after years of feeling burnt out by the television giant, Shonda agreed to the deal and has been working on content for Netflix. Next up, Shonda plans to release the limited series Inventing Anna with Netflix.

Following a real-life story of a faux German heiress who conned her way into New York high society, it’s a story Shonda felt deserved to be explored further.

“There was something really fascinating about this girl, not just because she scammed everybody, but because everybody was so willing to be scammed by her,” Shonda told The Hollywood Reporter.

There’s tons more to come from her, though, and Bridgerton is just the tip of the iceberg.


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