Is Luis From ‘Teen Mom 2’ Missing? Briana Sure Seems to Think So


In a Dec. 22, 2020 tweet, Briana told a follower that Luis was “MIA” and said, “Haven’t heard from him, seen him, IDK if he’s even alive.” What followed were rumors among fans that he is actually missing and other tweets urging Briana to get the court system involved to find Luis and make him supply the appropriate amount of child support he has failed to pay.

Briana responded on Twitter, “That’s extra effort I don’t have at the moment. Maybe in the new year I’ll dedicate some time to think about what would be ideal for my kids but right now I’m taking it day by day.”

For now, it looks like Briana really meant Luis isn’t returning phone calls or texts and hasn’t been in her youngest daughter’s life. So in her eyes, he’s missing and she doesn’t know how to find him.


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