Is Luke Skywalker the Next to Get a Disney Plus Series?


Is Mark Hamill still going to play Luke?

At this time, the reports surrounding the series claim that the show is still in very early development, meaning that the project is only in the planning stages. There are no directors, producers, or actors yet attached to the potential series, and there’s always the chance that the project will get scrapped somewhere down the line. 

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That being said, it’s highly unlikely that Mark Hamill would play a de-aged Luke Skywalker for the entirety of a series. Although de-aging actors has become more common in recent years, and Star Wars has done it for a number of actors already, there are often complaints that surround the process. The Irishman is perhaps one of the most famous examples of de-aging in recent years, with a number of people opining that the end result just doesn’t look natural.

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Though many Star Wars fans were excited by the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian and to see Luke, the same complaints about de-aging still rolled in. Strangely enough, though, some people actually didn’t realize it was de-aging at all. Some people thought it was Sebastian Stan. Others, however, were unhappy that Sebastian Stan wasn’t cast, believing that it would have been better to see a live actor than a de-aged CGI one. 

Should Disney Plus move forward with a live action young Luke series, it’s unlikely that they would opt to continue with a de-aged Mark Hamill, due to the high expense of the CGI de-aging process, and because it may be jarring to see a main character de-aged for so long (as many people pointed out with Robert De Niro’s character in The Irishman). According to FandomWire, Sebastian Stan may be a top choice to play Luke in his own series, and Mark is happy to let the recast happen.


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