Is ‘My Name is Loh Kiwan’ Based on True Story?

My title is Loh Kiwan is Kim Hee-jin’s directorial debut, and it stars Track Joong-ki (Vincenzo) because the titular character, Choi Sung-eun (The Sound of Magic) as co-lead character Lee Marie, and Cho Han-cheul (who simply featured in Gyeongseong Creature season 1) as Lee Youn-sung, Lee Marie’s father.

My Title is Loh Kiwan narrates the story of a North Korean defector who makes an attempt to start out a brand new life in China and later Belgium, prompting the query of whether or not the Netflix Korean movie is predicated on a real story.

Loh Kiwan quits North Korea together with his mom and settles in China, the place his challenges as an immigrant start. My Title is Loh Kiwan, one of many extra intriguing titles on Netflix’s 2024 Ok-content slate, is an emotional story concerning the titular lady, whom viewers quickly join with.

The movie additionally chronicles the adventures of Lee Marie, a former athlete whom Loh meets in Belgium. Lee is equally trying to find her place on the planet following a private tragedy. Their adventures deliver them collectively on this character-driven Korean movie, accessible on Netflix.

As viewers delve into the gripping story of Loh Kiwan, the query arises: Is that this Netflix collection based mostly on a real story? On this article, we’ll discover the origins of “My Title is Loh Kiwan” and decipher whether or not it attracts inspiration from real-life occasions.

Is My Title is Loh Kiwan Primarily based on True Story?

Though My Title is Loh Kiwan isn’t based mostly on a real story, it’s impressed by Cho Haejin’s I Met Loh Kiwan, a brief ebook printed in 2011. The 136-page ebook is advised from the angle of Kim, a author for a South Korean tv present.

Is My Name is Loh Kiwan Based on True Story?

Kim begins to discover Loh Kiwan’s story after listening to them focus on his discovery on tv. Netflix’s My Title is Loh Kiwan adaptation employs the identical storytelling method, however the movie emphasizes Loh Kiwan’s standpoint to make the story as intimate as doable.

Naturally, when researching the movie, director Kim Hee-jin should have thought-about real-life conditions and occasions to provide My Title is Loh Kiwan higher depth.

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Regardless of the logical nature of the subject, My Title is Loh Kiwan focuses on the titular character’s experiences and tribulations in China and Belgium slightly than Korea’s political and army setting.

The movie is narrated from the angle of an immigrant on an emotional journey. My Title Is Loh Kiwan additionally encompasses a love story between Loh and Lee.

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