Kellin Quinn’s Cheating Allegations Have the Internet in an Uproar


On Dec. 14, 2020, TikTok user madieoneill1, whose name is Madie, uploaded a video that let her followers know she would “expose the pop punk front man who cheated on their wife” with her if the video got one like. The video blew up with likes and comments speculating about who it could be. 

Since the video was set to a song featuring Kellin, some of the comments suggested it was him. And when Madie liked the comment, it seemed to be the answer to her vague claim.

She later uploaded more videos, this time with screenshots of alleged conversations she had with the mystery man. And, since the name ended in “n,” it further fueled the rumors that Kellin had cheated on his wife with her. In her initial video promising to expose the musician, Madie included a caption that said, “Before y’all come at me I didn’t know he was married until after so shut the f–k up.”


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