Kindland team provides Christmas joy to Cleveland family


Dedicated volunteers bring Fairfax neighborhood family the Christmas they deserve.

CLEVELAND — You may remember the Fisher family of Cleveland. We first introduced you last month. Ruth Fisher lost her child’s father in a car accident.

“We crashed on I-71 and he passed away,” Ruth told us.

Her sister, LaTanya Humphrey, took her in, along with her children. Twelve loved ones barely getting by, until East Mount Zion Baptist Church came by.

Backed by the Kindland campaign, volunteers from the church dropped off a groceries for the Fisher’s and others around the Fairfax neighborhood. 

But the work wasn’t finished. So, they came back again. This time, with non-profit, Believe in Dreams.

“Our youth ministry and our children from our church decided that they wanted to share something special for this family,” said Rev. Brian Cash.

“It’s amazing. We get to deliver dreams all the time, but when it’s a special family like this, it means even more,” said Michelle Bailin, Chief Fundraiser of Believe in Dreams.

On a Saturday morning in December, the team showed up with a van packed with presents for all nine of the children. They gave them the Christmas they deserve.

“Our goal is to really just break down those barriers for them, let them know their community believes in them, so that they can have that belief in themselves and be able to be empowered to fulfill their own dreams,” Believe in Dreams executive director, Katie Eichenauer said.

Ruth and LaTanya were humbled with gratitude, and surprised by the graciousness. 

“It’s a blessing. It definitely is a blessing,” Ruth said.

It’s a blessing for the dedicated volunteers, too.

“It makes me feel excited that we can be just a small part of the transformative circle that helps a whole entire community to get better,” Rev. Cash told us. “The spirit of kindness is what we do.”

And the hope is to keep spreading that kindness, letting those who need it most, know there are people out there who care … who want to help.

“I’m glad to know that they will enjoy their Christmas and they are not afraid to reach out to me. I’m glad that I became a part of somebody that they trust, that they can ask me for it,” volunteer Rev. Carolyn Greene, said.

For more information on Kindland, click HERE.

To learn more about East Mount Zion Baptist Church, click HERE.

Editor’s Note: The below story aired on November 26, 2020


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