Know where to get COVID vaccine through Map My India

Ever since the COVID outbreak, people have been panicky at times about the pandemic and its after effects. Thankfully things have started to fall under place and the disease is much under control. The vaccine for the same has been floated in the areas across the globe. The governments have been working really hard to cure the disease as fast and as effectively as possible. In India, the countrymen can know the vaccination centers through Map My India.

What is Map My India ?

Map My India is a technology company from India that builds digital map data, telematics services, location-based SaaS and GIS AI services. It was founded in 1992 by Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma.

The company recently launched a unique Covid-19 dashboard that in real time mapped containment zones and Covid testing and treatment centers across India and made it available for free access to millions of web and mobile users.

Most recently, the company took to twitter to announce the integration with the government for providing the whereabouts of the COVID vaccination centers.


How to locate COVID vaccination centers using Map My India ?

Follow these easy steps to locate the nearby COVID vaccination center :

  1. Either download the app or visit the websites or
  2. In the search box, enter your current location or address or place name or eLoc of interest. eLoc is the 6-character digital address for any place across India, a precise pin code representing the doorstep of any place (visit for more information on the same).
  3. Click search and you will see the nearest vaccination centers or the location of your interest.
  4. Click on Get Directions to further get exact real-time navigation (based on live traffic congestion and road safety hazards) to that vaccine center.

How to register ?

The aspirant should follow the above mentioned steps and create and account for registering with their mobile numbers. They will then receive an OTP and hence can work forward on the same.

One can also register their family members with the same account.

Who can get the vaccine ?

As per the Government regulatory body, as of now any citizens above 60 years of age are eligible for the vaccination.

Also, citizens above 45 years of age with comorbidities can get the vaccination ?

What are comorbidities ?

If a person has complications including cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, and persons with disabilities would be included in the list of comorbities.

People with comorbities will have to present a proof for the same.

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Truly Map My India has taken a great initiative in regards with the COVID vaccination status update.

What are you waiting for ? Get yourself registered and get vaccinated.

Also tell your family, friends and relatives about the same.

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