‘Kung Fu’ camel kicks road hog biker to the curb in viral video

This martial artist is a master of bike-kwondo.

An inconsiderate cyclist’s attempt to pass a camel herd on the wrong side of the road backfired after one of the beasts kicked him to the curb.

“Camel teaches this man the basic traffic rule,” reads the caption to the kickass clip, which was posted to Twitter Sunday by an Indian Forest Service officer.

Video of the “Kung Fu camel” incident was originally taken in 2019, but is just now going viral after resurfacing on social media, Sputnik International reported. As of Wednesday morning, the video boasted more than 10.7K views.

The six-second footage shows a coven of camels strolling down a street in an unnamed region of India when a biker tries to overtake them from the left side.

The road hog’s taboo maneuver is foiled, however, when one of the beasts unleashes a picturesque side kick to his bike, stopping his vehicle in its tracks.

Needless to say, the dromedary’s Jackie Chan-esque display has set the internet alight.

“So now we know who is the right talent to recruit for traffic police,” quipped one Twitter user of the impromptu road etiquette lesson.

“Nature has started policing humans,” added another.

This isn’t the first time someone has been targeted by a camel. In August, dozens of the double-humpers terrorized a town in Russia, leaving residents too scared to leave their homes.

He got some major camel toe.


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