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Lexington Law Customer Reviews

Lexington Law Customer Reviews

Improving your credit score is primarily a matter of doing what you can to make payments on time, utilize a low percentage of total available credit and build up the age and mix of your accounts. These efforts take time to show results but are proven strategies for raising scores.

However, there is another approach to potentially raising credit scores — disputing errors, like incorrect or incomplete pieces of information. Some mistakes on your credit report can end up bringing down your score, which is why it’s wise to periodically make sure all the information is correct and submit disputes for anything amiss.

Americans can dispute credit report errors on their own, and many in-depth guides exist online to guide consumers through this entire process. Another option is hiring a credit repair company to identify and dispute items on your credit report. The former is free while the latter costs money, although some people find peace of mind letting professionals handle the details.

One leading credit repair firm is Lexington Law. How would you go about evaluating a company like this before deciding to sign up for its services? Keep reading to learn more about how Lexington Law works and what past and current customer reviews say about their experiences.

Lexington Law Customer Reviews: Positives

For a company that has been around for decades operating in an industry like credit repair, it’s only fair to expect a mix of reviews. In fact, it’s suspicious if you’re only able to find glowing reviews, as it may mean the company is deleting neutral or negative ones. That being said, it is promising to find that most of the Lexington Law reviews seem to be on the positive side.

For instance, here are some of the positive reviews outlined by customers for The Credit Review:

  • Eight of 18 negative items were able to be removed within the first couple months from one client’s report.
  • Customers receive regular updates on credit report changes, good or bad.
  • Customers have access to a paralegal as a direct resource for questions or concerns.
  • Customer service was generally helpful and positive.

One customer noted for Best Company in their five-star review that Lexington Law was actually the third credit repair company they had signed up with, but the first one to actually show results. This person in particular saw their score grow from a 400 to a 650.

Lexington Law Customer Reviews: Negatives

It’s only fair to consider customers’ negative experiences as well when you’re considering whether or not it’s the right choice to work with a credit repair firm like Lexington law.

Some of the complaints users have cited in their less-than-stellar reviews:

  • It is possible to pay the fees for credit repair without actually seeing results — companies cannot guarantee that their efforts will make a positive impact.
  • Some customers signed up for the free consultation but then were surprised to find themselves billed for the first month of services.
  • One customer did not believe the paralegals employed by Lexington Law were actually knowledgeable beyond what anyone could find scouring the internet.

These customer reviews for Lexington Law’s credit repair services illustrate the range of experiences people can have working with a company like this. Our best advice is to always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing anything. It’s also worth looking into what disputing credit report items entails and whether it’s something you’d be interested in trying on your own before hiring a credit repair firm — especially if you’re trying to save money.