Lisa Barlow, Sundance Queen? She Came Under Fire for the Nickname


In a teaser, Heather claimed that she and Lisa had known each other for 20 years — which Lisa disputed. 

However, Lisa did reference a vicious rumor she heard about what Heather may have been like back during her time at Brigham Young University in an interview with Entertainment Tonight

“The week or so before we started filming, she goes, ‘Oh my God! Is Heather Gay on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?’ And I’m like, yeah, and she’s like, ‘When I was in high school, I went to [a youth seminar] at BYU and Heather and I hung out a little bit, she was so fun and she’s like, ‘Whoo!’ flashing and being dumb teenage kids,” Lisa told Entertainment Tonight.

Heather has refuted the allegations.


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