Local law firm spreads kindness … more than 100 times


Hahn, Loeser, and Parks, LLP turned 100 this year. But instead of celebrating, they went on a mission to help others.

CLEVELAND — An unusual alliance was formed in Cleveland 100 years ago, the true essence of Hahn, Loeser and Parks, LLP.

“A group of Jewish and Catholic lawyers came together purposefully to organize, affirming to work together in 1920,” said CEO and managing partner of Hahn, Loeser and Parks, Stan Gorom. “And what’s amazing is that very shortly after that, they discovered that those differences between them were actually strength.”

To honor the century marker, they came up with a special initiative.

“Perform 100 acts of kindness across all six cities communities that we have offices in,” Gorom said.

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Since January, employees hit the roads in California, Florida and Illinois and Ohio. They’ve walked for charities, made cards for veterans, and cleaned up highways, just to name a few.

Then, there were acts that hit closer to home.

“We have a colleague who adopted his son three years ago from foster care. And he made us aware that there was a very strong need for children in foster care to have roller bags,” said Ellen Sindelar, marketing manager for Hahn Loeser and Parks, LLP.

Those bags are giving kids a place to put their belongings … when they don’t have much else.

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“Oftentimes, when kids come into foster care, it’s like an emergency situation. It’s very difficult. They often aren’t able to bring anything with them,” Kristin Gardner, outreach coordinator of Cuyahoga County’s Children and Family Services. “We love having stuff on hand like that, where, even after they’ve had this traumatic experience, they can come into the building and be able to get that bag that’s just for them.”

The gesture means so much to the children and the devoted workers at Children and Family Services.

“For us to be able to provide and connect and meet these needs is just so fulfilling,” Gardner said.

The law firm knows what people can say about the profession. But it’s deep-rooted in Cleveland … and built on coming together.

“There isn’t a lot of warm, fuzzy in corporate America,” Sindelar said. “But this one is really special. I feel like it’s filled with wicked smart lawyers that have a heartbeat.”

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“We are Clevelanders at heart and we always talk about that within the firm and with our clients. In a lot of ways, our founding and the fact that we grew up in the Midwest and in the city informs how we practice law,” Gorom said.

To date, Hahn Loeser and Parks has surpassed their 100 acts. They’re at 107 now. They plan to keep going. Simply, because, the world needs it right now.

“It reminds you that we’ll get through this. If we keep focusing our attention on others, our clients that we serve and our hundred acts of kindness, it’s been as much of a positive for us as it is for the people we serve,” Gorom said.

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