Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 now has a ray tracing performance mode

As we all Know,  Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has received a surprise update on PS5. The ray-tracing feature at 60fps speed is available. The new graphics mode is added to the game called “Performance RT”.

This mode gives you to play at 60 fps with the ray tracing feature. There are some bad consequences too such as low scene resolution, poor reflection quality, and fewer pedestrian densities, all are dropped! The size of the new game is 261.9Mb.

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It’s a large difference between the fidelity and performance modes. Comparing the two, Fidelity includes all the graphical bells and whistles one needs such as ray tracing but bounds to 30fps only. Whereas Performance mode holds it to 60 fps with ray tracing, that’s a nice move.

Ray Tracing is a new technique that gives you realistic graphics, and lighting. Earlier the games are SSR, Screen Source reflection, that can’t react instantly or at run time to a light source or object. Frame rate targets and resolution are lowered to achieve the desired results because Ray tracing needs high computational power.

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Though tests are done, and it is confirmed that ray tracing technology is performing well as mentioned and it gives a realistic effect of lighting and shadows too. The game finally has Incredibly detailed visuals, Blazing-fast load times, and Ray tracing support but dual sense implementation is limited.

Thus you should try the game on your brand new PS5, luckily if you have to have an amazing playing experience. Stay tuned, for more news!

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