Meet the New ‘Unexpected’ Season 4 Couples Ready to Share Their Lives


Myrka, who is also 15 years old during Season 4 of Unexpected, not only has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, but also the estrangement from her mom, who kicked her out of their Texas home following the news of the pregnancy. While Myrka lives with her boyfriend Ethan, she has to prepare to have a baby while also keeping her relationship on course.

It’s a lot for anyone to handle, much less a teenager. But, judging by Instagram, Myrka and Ethan are doing well. Her bio mentions a 2019 date with a diamond ring, so she and Ethan may have gotten engaged back in 2019. And, according to Ethan’s Facebook profile, they seem to be doing well, which says a lot for a couple who went through so much so early on.

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