Meta Launches Instagram Reels APIs Beginning Today, Complete Rollout by July 6

Meta has announced that it will now roll out Reels APIs on the Instagram platform for developers. The firm claims that after learning that Reels is a top priority from its developer community, it is providing the new Reels APIs. Reels’ assistance from Meta is now also available for posting content, insights, comment moderation, hashtag search, company discovery, mentions, and more.

Developers will also be able to respond to comments, delete them, hide or reveal them, and allow or deactivate comments on Reels using the APIs. Developers will also be able to locate publicly accessible Reels that marks with specific hashtags.

Instagram Reels APIs to roll out for developers: What it means

In addition to sharing and scheduling Reels, developers will also be able to reply to comments, delete comments, hide/unhide comments, and disable/enable comments on Reels. They can even find public Reels they mentions in or tag via a specific hashtag.

The Instagram Graph API, which enables developers to connect their apps to Instagram’s features and functionalities, will be available for both the current version and all previous versions. Reels will reportedly become automatically accessible for developers who already have access to the relevant APIs, according to Meta. If an app’s permission access levels have already been authorized. The developers won’t need to submit it for another round of app review.

As per the company blog, “This API enhancement will be available for the current version, and all previous versions of the Graph API. Reels will become automatically available for developers who already have access to the applicable APIs. You will not need to put your app through additional App Review. Your app is already approve for the appropriate permission access levels.”

When Instagram APIs are rolling out?

As for the rollout timeline, Meta has confirmed that the APIs will start rolling out today i.e. (June 28). It will release for “<25% of Instagram user accounts” and till July 6, it will be rolled out for 100% of users. In case some do not get it today, they will need to wait it out as it will be going to release in a phase manner

All Reels APIs will be accessible to about 25 percent of Instagram user accounts. By July 6, the APIs will gradually be available to all users.

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