Misha Collins Wrote an Op-Ed About Bill Clinton’s Affair in 1998


Even if you weren’t born when former President Bill Clinton was in office, you’ve heard of the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal. In 1998, news that President Clinton had an intimate relationship with one of his staffers broke and eventually led to his impeachment.

Recently, actor Misha Collins has been pulled into the conversation as a viral Tumblr post has begun circulating, suggesting Misha also wanted a sexual relationship with the then-President. But how much of this is true?

Misha Collins interned with the Clinton administration in 1994.

If you’re a big fan of the actor, then you’ve probably seen Misha’s various interviews in which he talks about the four months he interned at the White House under the Clinton administration.

After the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke headlines, Misha wrote an op-ed for The Baltimore Sun in her defense, clarifying that she definitely wasn’t the only intern to walk through the White House so infatuated with President Clinton — in fact, he wrote, most of the interns were!

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Misha, writing under his birth name, Dmitri Krushnic, recalled multiple instances where interns, both male and female, would go out of their way to even glimpse the president.

“I witnessed interns stand idle in the corridors, sometimes for more than an hour, shamelessly waiting to catch a glimpse of ‘him,'” Misha wrote. “Some would come early and leave late, thinking that might improve their chances; others only came during likely hours for sightings.”

Misha continued, going as far to say, “If Monica Lewinsky had not seemed like a star-struck, infatuated stalker who hung around the West Wing every chance she got, then it would be fair to say her behavior in the White House was suspicious.”

In short, Misha attempted to defend the former intern against the swath of negative media attention she was receiving for the scandal, though not everyone took his comments in that way. 

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