Mnuchin: Stimulus payments could arrive ‘as early as’ Tuesday


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made the statement Tuesday night on Twitter as Americans wait to see if lawmakers might possibly even increase the payout.

In a surprising announcement on Twitter Tuesday night, Trump administration Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote that Economic Impact Payments to Americans could arrive “as early as tonight.”

Secretary Mnuchin said that the U.S. Treasury has delivered a payment file to the Federal Reserve as the next step in getting the aid payments distributed to Americans. 

Mnuchin said the payments would be delivered via direct deposit and payments would continue into next week. The Treasury secretary said some Americans may begin to see deposits of the stimulus payments in their bank accounts as early as Tuesday. 

The aid payouts will be determined based on U.S. taxpayers’ 2019 returns in an effort to expedite the payments, but will ultimately be based on 2020 tax returns according to the IRS.

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Secretary Mnuchin also said that those who receive paper checks will have that form of payment mailed out by Wednesday. 

Stimulus payment recipients will be able to check the status of their payments on the IRS website here. 

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