Netflix may soon add a livestreaming option for talent hunt shows, stand-ups

Netflix is going to introduce live streaming on the platform. This new option initially is available for stand-up specials, live comedy shows, and unscripted shows. According to the report, Netflix’s upcoming live-streaming feature is in the early stages of development at the moment. Once it gets implemented, this will allow Netflix to ask its viewers for live voting for competition series and talent hunt shows.

Netflix is soon going to stream Dance 100 and that could be the best way for a dry run of live voting. The report mentions that there is no tentative release date for the feature and it is in the early development stage.

Netflix is going to roll out a new Live streaming feature soon

Netflix could also use the upcoming live-streaming option for its “Netflix Is A Joke” festival if it returns at all. The festival featured around 300 stand-up performances across Los Angeles. Among the performers were Dave Chappelle, Larry David, and Pete Davidson. Live-streaming stand-up shows could allow Netflix to open new streams, such as charging exclusively for those shows.

The streaming company reported it saw the biggest subscriber loss for the first time in over 10 years last quarter and that impacted revenue. Netflix cited several reasons why the subscriber count was lower. It blamed the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the ban that Russia has imposed on the service.

In order to increase new subscribers, Netflix is constantly working on new features. It Includes curbs password-sharing as well as a cheaper, ad-supported option just so more people start using the streaming service.

Netflix releases a new Category hub for viewers

In related news, Netflix releases a new Category hub for viewers of the service on TV. The new Category Hub will also showcase the top 3 categories based on users’ preferences. The new hub will also contain curated collections to highlight holidays like Internal Women’s Day or Earth Day. In the screenshot shared by Netflix, one can also see other categories like Children & family, Horror, and Documentaries. The content streaming platform wants users to think of the new Caterogry Hub for TV as a more lively version of the old hub.

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