Netflix teams up with Sennheiser to introduce spatial audio on the platform

Just like Apple TV+, Netflix has announced spatial audio in partnership with Sennheiser for some shows, and movies on the platform. For the unversed, spatial audio translates regular audio to three-dimensional sound that makes it feel like you are watching the content in cinema

Currently, the content that supports spatial audio includes the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” “The Adam Project,” “Red Notice,” “The Witcher,” and “Locke & Key,” among others.

Users can type “Spatial Audio” into Netflix’s search bar to find all the movies and series that support the option. The number of titles compatible with spatial audio will depend on your streaming device.

The rollout means users with devices that do not normally support spatial audio can now use it. Also, all subscribers, regardless of which Netflix subscription plan they have, will be able to use spatial audio.

Netflix releases spatial audio features for Stranger Things, Red Notice, and more

Netflix assures that you don’t need any special equipment like a home theatre or surround sound speaker or any special streaming plan to get access to this feature. This feature was earlier available for the Apple TV+ streaming service.

Movies and series getting this functionality are Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project, The Stranger Things season 4, The Witcher, Interceptor, Locke & Key, and more. Users can try out the spatial audio feature by simply typing “spatial audio” in the search bar on the homepage. Now select the preferred movie or series you want to watch and voila!

Netflix already comes with support for 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, and Netflix Calibrated Mode. As mentioned earlier, it is compatible with all devices, and all streaming plans, and does not require surround sound speakers or home theater equipment.

Netflix licensed Sennheiser’s AMBEO tech for delivering spatial audio

via any 2-channel stereo hardware, which provides three-dimensional positional audio without the need for additional surround sound speakers or home theater equipment. The purpose of AMBEO is to provide an “improved audio experience wherever stereo is delivered today, be it standard TV sets, stereo systems, headphones, tablets, or laptops,” Sennheiser said in a statement.

For users watching on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, Netflix says that streaming quality needs to be set to “High” or “Auto” in order to watch spatial audio-compatible content.

Spatial Audio compatible devices

Below listed are the Apple devices that support spatial audio

A compatible Apple device

iPhone 7 and later using iOS 15.1 or above

iPad Air 3rd generation and later using iPadOS 15.1 or above

Apple TV 4K and later using tvOS 15 or above

iPad mini 5th generation and later using iPadOS 15.1 or above

iPad Pro 3rd generation and later using iPadOS 15.1 or above


Compatible Apple headphones

Airpods 3rd generation

Airpods Pro

Beats Fit Pro

Airpods Max


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