Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine introduces 2 maps for tracking COVID-19


COLUMBUS, Ohio — During Wednesday’s afternoon press conference, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine introduced new maps for tracking COVID-19 and the spread of the virus within the state. 

“Today we’re showing you 2 new maps, they illustrate the key measures we should be looking at each week to see how severe the spread of covid is within the state,” Governor DeWine said on Wednesday.

The first new map that DeWine introduced is a time-lapse map of the entire state that shows cases per 100,000 citizens over a two week period. DeWine said that this helps to show just how quickly the virus is able to spread not only within communities and counties, but also within the state in general. 

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The governor also said that the first map is designed to show the spread that is happening in one’s own county, specifically. 

The second map that Governor DeWine introduced highlights ICU bed utilization in counties around the state, and also the progression of ICU capacity over the past several weeks and months. 

“We’ve indicated now that there are two things we really want to look at now that we have spread all over the state,” said Governor DeWine. “One is what we just showed you, which is the number of cases per 100,000 over the last two weeks, how much spread is there in the county. The other is to look at your hospitals and what kind of shape they are in.” 

DeWine said that the two new additions will be updated weekly, and urged Ohians to check them out before heading out in the community. 

You can watch the full press briefing with Governor DeWine in the media player below: 

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