Ohio police investigating series of ‘random’ highway shootings

Police in Columbus, Ohio are searching for a mystery shooter targeting other vehicles in a series of “random” highway attacks.

Columbus Police Commander Robert Strausbaugh said there have been at least 14 shootings on the interstate since June, though the perpetrator remains unknown to authorities, news station WBMS first reported.

“These events that are going on right now are just random. No one, in particular, is being targeted here,” Strausbaugh told The Post.

Strausbaugh said there’s evidence to suggest there’s a link between incidents, which mostly occur in the evening on Interstate 270 — but the motive behind them remains unclear.

“It’s concerning to me. At least if they have a motive I can understand why they’re doing what they’re doing,” Strausbaugh said.

He said he doesn’t believe it’s is a copycat of freeway shooter Charles McCoy, who went on a deadly rampage from May 2003 to February 2004 in the Columbus area.

Strausbaugh said it’s more likely that it’s some form of “tomfoolery,” but added the incidents could have serious consequences.

“My biggest concern is that someone is going to be seriously hurt or it’s going to be a fatality,” Strausbaugh said.

“They’re shooting from a moving car to another moving car, what if they miss and hit someone driving in the opposite direction?”

So far, there have been no casualties, though some people have suffered minor injuries from broken glass, Strausbaugh said.

He said they’re “aggressively” investigating the incidents and calling on the public to come forward with any information that could help track down the shooter.

“If you see someone stick something out the window at 65 mph or you see a flash then please contact us,” Strausbaugh said.

“In order for us to really solve this, we’re going to need to get a really good tip,” he added.

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