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Levinho vs Sevou: Who has better stats in PUBG Mobile?

The Swedish brothers Levinho and Sevou are two of the most successful PUBG Mobile content creators. The brothers now have millions of subscribers in Youtube and are known for their fantastic solo vs squad and duo vs squad gameplays. They play mostly in Europe server, and in this article, we compare their in-game stats. Both of them are really good players of PUBG and have good records in the game. Many people follow their games. Levinho has very fast reflexes and perfect aim and also plays with gyro on with 4 finger claws similar to the one of europe’s best player Coffin. He plays PUBG on his iphone XS Max. He is also popular because of his fan Paulo Dybala  who is a star player of football team Juventus.

In the current season, Levinho has played almost 542 matches in the squad mode and triumphed in 35 matches, which translates to win percentage of 6.5%. He has 2430 kills and also have finished in the top ten 114 times . The PUBG mobile player has also maintained an amazing  K/D ratio of 4.49. He has also played a single solo game in europe server and has a victory with 18 kills. When Sevou started  his youtube channel his brother Levinho already got fame so he referred people to watch Sevou’s gameplay as well, when he started he used to play on iphone XS max with 2 finger but later he practiced a lot to become a professional and started playing in ipad instead of an iphone with 6 finger claws. Sevou has played 336 squad matches till now in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile and has emerged victorious in 28 matches with a win percentage of 8.3%. The YouTuber has 74 top-ten finishes and has a amazing 1406 kills with an excellent K/D ratio of 4.18.

The former has a better K/D  in squad matches, while Sevou is ahead in terms of the win rate in current season of PUBG Mobile. Comparing the stats of the solo matches is not possible, since Levinho has played only a one game. When the previous season’s stats are taken into consideration, Sevou has a better win rate, while Levinho has a higher K/D ratio. Levinho performed in a mammoth of 1408 squad  games within the earlier season and clinched 115 of them for a win rate of 8.2%. He additionally had 332 top ten finishes. He notched 6634 kills at an equally spectacular K/D ratio of 4.71. In the earlier season, Sevou had 113 Chicken Dinners from 1296 squad matches, which eventually came down to a win ratio of 8.7%. He accumulated over 5822 kills with a remarkable K/D ratio of 4.49. Apart from this, Sevou played four solo games and five duo matches but didn’t won any.

Both brothers Levinho and Sevou have awe-inspiring stats in PUBG Mobile game.

WhatsApp Pay gears up to take on rivals Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm

WhatsApp has successfully provided a messaging service for a very long time. Now WhatsApp is going to update its service by taking on UPI-based digital payment like rivals PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Alibaba-backed Paytm, and Walmart-Flipkart’s PhonePe. WhatsApp will start the “WhatsApp Pay” digital payment sector based on UPI.

As per the report by Business Standard, it says that Facebook is hoping to get the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data localization standard. As the Company willing to get permission to start the WhatsApp Pay soon, as today’s world is almost digital.

WhatsApp Pay is a delay to launch because of the RBI guidelines compliance and Unified Payment Interface (UPI) regulator norms. It also hoped for the data localization under RBI rules.

Abhijit Bose (WhatsApp India Operations Head)

The head of WhatsApp India said in his report about WhatsApp Pay service. “We will quick to launch WhatsApp Pay in the nation and government work of this service will be continuing as it will work connected with nearby banks and different foundations to comprehend their necessities, advancement, and offer budgetary types of services. It will also grow the strengthening over the financial range,”

The main focus on launching WhatsApp Pay is to probably help to make installment as simple as communicating something specific. He also said that the payment application would be liberated from cost to the clients, as users are getting from other UPI-based digital payment apps. So it is confirmed that whenever WhatsApp Pay will launch its users will get free app download.

If we compared WhatsApp users with other dominance apps that have 40 percent market share like Google Pay or PhonePe then WhatsApp has over 400 million users in India out of the 177.8 million are daily active users. According to this data, we can imagine that when WhatsApp Pay launch then there is a chance that can cover more market share in the digital payment sector.

A different zone where WhatsApp has influence is in the web-based business. Facebook’s tie-up with Jio Store, Jio’s web-based business arm that was dispatch a couple of months back, is key in WhatsApp going about as a connection between the purchasers and vendors on the stage. There could be a possibility for the client to book, request, and pay for the buys without having to leave the application.

Decks cleared in India for WhatsApp Pay roll out

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court for WhatsApp’s upcoming digital payment service. In the document, the National Payments Corporation of India discusses with Central Bank about the WhatsApp compliance regulator data storage rules. It also reveals that the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform for WhatsApp pay service is good to go live.

The trial base for WhatsApp pay will be offered by WhatsApp for limited users.

The information by “National Payments Corporation of India” reveals to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that WhatsApp messaging platform required the data localization. The Facebook Company WhatsApp is set to launch digital payment service “WhatsApp Pay” in India. The affidavit which was filed in the Supreme Court dated June 2020, with the information updated by NPCI that WhatsApp regular data storage rules compliance was good and it is ready to go live on the UPI payment system platform.

In the affidavit it was also informed, “We might want to affirm that WhatsApp has fulfilled the information localisation prerequisites dependent on Cert-In evaluator’s reports and we, therefore, are giving ICICI Bank the endorsement to go live,” the oath put together by RBI to the court said. Mint has inspected a duplicate of the sworn statement.

The rule of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also implement in its statement that all the client information, data on installments, or settlement exchanges, among other data, Payment information must remain in India.

Also, said that WhatsApp is waiting for a formal communication from NPCI to launch a UPI-based payment system in India. As the report reveals that National Payments Corporation of India has given clearance to WhatsApp for data localization requested which is a matter of time for WhatsApp that nothing prevents this Payment service from going live.

WhatsApp is sitting tight for a proper correspondence from NPCI to dispatch a UPI-based installment framework in India. As the National Payments Corporation of India has given leeway to WhatsApp pay on localization info necessities which make nothing to keeps WhatsApp from going live.

“It is just a short time now,” an industry official stated, mentioning secrecy.

Abhijit Bose the head of WhatsApp India said in his report that “WhatsApp can bring in any event 200 million of its clients to UPI, which is seeing consistent development in advanced installments during the pandemic. WhatsApp has designs also to begin various pilots in zones like computerized loaning, miniature protection, and miniature benefits in the year and a half”.

Why didn’t Jasprit Bumrah bowl the second Super Over?


If you were wondering why JaspritBumrah didn’t bowl the second super over, as per the playing rules, the bowlers who have already bowled a super over cannot bowl the upcoming super over. They are considered ‘ineligible’ to bowl upcoming super over if they have already bowled a super over in the match. Similarly, a batsman who has got out in a super over cannot bat in the subsequent super overs. This is why De Kock, Pooran, JaspritBumrah, Rahul, and Shami did not take part in the second Super Over.

Sharma and De Kock were picked by the Mumbai Indians for the first Super Over. Mumbai Indians possessed Pollard and HardikPandya, the two greatest hitters. Mumbai Indians sent out De Kock and Rohit Sharma, who was not feeling well and didn’t come to play the second Super Over. In the IPL, though Sharma was in his form and De Kock has about four half-centuries in the last five innings of his, batsmen Pandya and Pollard would have been a wise choice to play along yorkers of Shami. It is to be remembered that both of them can sustain deep in the crease and play well enough to keep the Yorkers at bay.

More than Pandya, Pollard was better equipped with 238.88 at the death in IPL. Keeping this phase in concern, AB de Villiers is said to have a better strike rate with 243.47. Also, from when the first match of Mumbai Indians began in this IPL season, Pollard has not been dismissed in the match. Kohli stated that he nominated himself alongside de Villiers in the previous Super Over finish as he thought he could help the Royal Challengers Bangalore catch up eight with singles and doubles. Though this is quite a risky idea, de Villiers accepted it as per the Royal Challenger’s plan. De Kock and Sharma could have easily followed a plan that is similar to this one, but it is not an apt or wise move suitable for the Mumbai Indians.

If you ask why the Mumbai Indians’ idea is to throw Kings XI’s players M Ashwin and Ravi Bishnoi outside their lines and lengths, plus the Mumbai Indians want Hardik and Pollard to bat at the death. Krunal hit 233 runs off 145 balls against the legspinners in the IPL match, at an average of 32 and nearly 155 strike rate after being dismissed for about seven times. Krunal also followed Ashwin and took him for 14 off eight balls. If you didn’t know, Krunal is a player, who has batter against the Rajasthan Royals at Number 5. But, he got just 12 off 17 balls in that particular match. Rahul is not taking much risk in this IPL season. But, Agarwal is seen following the bowlers in the first 6 overs itself. In the IPL match on Sunday, Agarwal had a slow beginning in the match. Bumrah bowled him for 11 off 10 balls in the match.

IPL 2020: ‘Was the World Cup final of 2019 a better game,’ Yuvraj Singh and Virender Sehwag react to the day of Super Overs


The recent match of the 2020 IPL season on Sunday was nothing but over-exciting. There were some amazing death bowling and super overs. Super overs are considered to occur very rarely in the cricket. On Sunday, there was not just one, but two matches with a tie in the end. The fate of our favorite teams was decided by not just two, but three super overs. The first match concluded with a tie between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders. This was mainly because of the heroics of David Warner. The second match had Mumbai Indians pacers’ expert death bowling. Warner and Abdul Samad were dismissed by Lockie Ferguson after a spectacular over to minimize Sunrisers Hyderabad to 2 runs. This resulted in the easy win of Kolkata Knight Riders.

It is right to say, the second match was much more exciting and thrilling compared to the first. The second match was held between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab. Just 5 runs were fetched by Kings XI Punjab in the super over. But, Mumbai Indians could also fetch the only same number of runs as Mohammad Shami bowled wisely. After Kings XI Punjab managed to get over the line, we could see the match going forward to one more super over.

In one of the best fights in the IPL 2020 season, Kings XI Punjab won against Mumbai Indians on Sunday. At the beginning of the match, Mumbai Indians captainRohit Sharma was elected to bat first after the Mumbai Indians won the toss. He posted a target of 177 for Kings XI Punjab’s KL Rahul to chase. Though KL Rahul fetched 77 runs in about 51 balls in the match, he cannot win but end the game with a tie between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab. As both Mumbai Indians and Kings XI, Punjab scored exactly 5 runs in the super over, a second super over was imposed to see who wins. In the second super over, Kings XI Punjab won the match by 12 runs, with Mumbai Indians scoring 11.

The super over was an ultimate enjoyment for the cricket fans and they showed all their excitement through their tweets on Twitter. Apart from fans, even the celebrities, and other cricketers expressed their reactions on Twitter over the super overs. One of them was Bollywood queen PreityZinta. She took to her official Twitter handle to express her opinion about the super overs and also to laud the efforts that her team put into the match. It is to be noted that, PreityZinta is the co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab team. Her Twitter post read, “Actions speak louder than words as words fail me completely. Two super overs? OMG! I’m still shaking. So proud of the #Kxip boys”. She added, “What a game, what a night, what a feeling. Thank you @lionsdenkxip for this supreme team effort.Teamwork at its best”.

Young star reveals the secret of Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic

Roland Garros 2020 made IgaSwiatek become the first-ever Polish player to win the Grand Slam. It is indeed right to say, IgaSwiatek gave a power-packed performance in the Roland Garros 2020 without giving up even a single set. To our awe, IgaSwiatek is just 19 years old. To bring up herself to the number 17, she gained 1760 points by leaping 37 places. This is a great gesture ahead of the season’s finale.

There are over nine winners in the last 14 slam tournaments who have never won a major before in their matches. But this scenario slightly varies when compared to the male players. Top players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer have won 14 out of the last 15 Grand Slam titles. The one exception was Dominic Thiem at the last US Open. In this tournament, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer were not present.

IgaSwiatek, in her latest interview, has accepted that the women tennis is not of the same caliber or level when compared to men’s tennis. When asked about Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal she stated that they are consistent players. She said consistency is the biggest problem that women tennis players are struggling with. She also accepted that consistency is the biggest change that she is expecting in herself.

“I know my game isn’t developed perfectly. I think the biggest change for me is going to be consistent, this is what women’s tennis is struggling with,” she was quoted saying in the latest interview.

She further added, “That’s why we have so many new grand slam winners because we are not as consistent as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic. That’s why my goal is going to be consistent. It’s going to be hard to achieve that.” She admitted that Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal are consistent players and therefore the big winners. She says it is going to be hard for her to gain consistency, but she should do it at any cost for sustaining for a long period.

She also opened up that she played against Katie McNally and lost. “It was the semi-final of junior French Open in 2018. We had been preparing for this tournament for a long time. I wanted to win it, I feel my best on clay and the French Open has always been my favorite Grand Slam. I played against CatyMcnally, I had a match point and I lost”, she said. The match against Sofia Kenin was Swiatek’s last battle to win. Swiatek took 6-4, 6-1 next to her name in the Grand Slam, and won it with pride and hard work. We can see her next at the 2021 Australian Open. With 17 WTA, we could know that Swiatek did not expect to win Roland Garros. Her fangirl attachment to Rafael Nadal is proof.

Who is now actually the GOAT of men’s tennis? Federer, Djokovic, Nadal


The Grand Slam 2020 season has completed and we all know Rafael Nadal has tied with Roger Federer at 20 major championships. The record is followed by Novak Djokovic at 17. So now that Rafael Nadal equalled Roger Federer men’s singles grand slam record, the most important question that everyone has is who is actually the best? Is it Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer? Till now the common belief was Roger Federer as he had more titles but now the same argument can’t be made. So let us see who should be the GOAT og men’s tennis.

Williams, who has won 23 major single trophies, which is the most by anyone in the professional era and second to Margaret Court’s all-era standard of 24 said that we should not compare two people who are equally great. He also added that both Nadal and Federer have spectacular careers that 99% of people can only dream of. He mentioned that he is a big fan of both.

Nadal has his 20 which is  at least one at each Slam and at least one in each of three decades. His 13 at Roland Garros are more than anyone won at any of the tournaments. Nadal leads Roger Federer 24-16 head-to-head. He leads Djokovic 5-4 in Grand Slam finals. At the same time, Roger Federer has his 20 and a career Slam too. He holds the record for most weeks at No 1 in the rankings of ATP. The 17 titles of Djokovic makes him the man with more than 14 and like Rafael Nadal, has won one in three decades. His totals for tour titles and match wins are the highest of the group. He leads the series with both Nadal 29 – 27 and Federer 27 – 23.

The fans of Rafael Nadal are saying thatNadal should get this accolade as he has achieved the slam milestone at a younger age than Roger Federer. On the other hand, Djokovic can also claim to be the best as he currently stands on 17 titles and at age 33 has a great chance to overtake both Roger and Rafael ashis physical capabilities and basically being very low risk on long term injuries. He also has a better one-on-one result against the other two. He has won 4 grand slams in a row and also he has a 3-0 record against Roger Federer in Wimbledon finals. Rafael Nadal is definitely the greatest clay courter with 13 of his 20 grand slam titles coming on the surface.

Roger Federer has won eight Wimbledon men’s singles titles, with six Australian Open titles, five US Open titles and one French Open title. The all-court game and versatile style of play of Federer involve exceptional footwork and shot-making. Federer also won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award five times continuously from 2005 to 2008. Roger Federer is one of the highest paid sportsmen of 2020 just further shows that he is truly and obviously the greatest tennis player we have seen. So we can still say that Roger is GOAT of men’s tennis.

Sid Hartman, Legendary Minnesota Sports Journalist, Dies At Age 100

Legendary Minnesota sports journalist Mr. Sid Hartman has died at the age of 100 years. Hartman’s son, Mr. Chad Hartman of WCCO Radio, announced that his father died on  Sunday afternoon. He said that the extraordinary and resilient life of his father has come to a peaceful conclusion surrounded by his family. He also mentioned that his father didn’t die from Covid but Covid took away the enjoyment from his life by making him stay home. Covid took away the chances to see those people whom he liked. The coronavirus pandemic took away his zest and not being able to go four or five different places every day to laugh. On 15th March, 2020, he celebrated his 100th birthday on WCCO Radio. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it would be his last radio broadcast.

Mr. Sid Hartman was born on the NorthSide of Minneapolis on 15th March, 1920, he worked for newspapers in his hometown for nearly his entire life, until his death on Sunday afternoon. From a nice hard working gentleman who started selling newspapers on the street in 1928 to a sports writer for the Star Tribune for the ensuing decades. He was still writing three columns a week, his final one appearing on the day he died. Mr. Sid’s newspaper and radio offerings were really good for the years on this earth. Hartman was really passionate, relentless and was the reason why Minnesota is a major league state — and he did it the old fashioned way.

Hartman was a high school dropout who persevered. He started writing for the newspaper and over the next eight decades all his columns became must reads for everyone. Hartman’s relentless pursuit of scoops – both big and small was because of the stuff of legend. Sid many times helped run the Minneapolis Lakers and that was the reason they won titles eventually becoming the Los Angeles Lakers. Hartman was honored many times because of that, including Minnesota Twins icon Rod Carew.

The impact on the sports world  of Hartman’s  cannot be overstated. The coaches, athletes and many executives all remember his abilities to build relationships. His personal life and career was blended into one. The people whom he interviewed became his friends as they learned Hartman was on their side. He did more than survive, he thrived. He took a tough upbringing and turned it into a very good career that we have hardly seen, and probably never will again. Sid Hartman was the best at his craft because of longevity. He kept going, growing and living a life that exceeded his expectations, because he worked so hard for that life, each and every day.

According to The Star Tribune, Mr. Hartman wrote more than 21,000 bylined stories during his career. His last column was published in Sunday’s Sports section. It was his 119th column of 2020. The Star Tribune’s design director Greg Mees has previewed Monday’s sports section Sunday night on Twitter.

Man dangling from Chicago’s Trump Tower demands to speak with president

A man who spotted hanging off the side of Trump Tower from a rope on Sunday evening and he was demanding to speak to President Donald Trump. The man is expected to be 20 years old and he  has been dangling from the trump tower’s 16th floor balcony from around 5.30PM. The man was asking to speak to the US president and also he was trying to get his message to the media. The Police officers at the scene said they think that the man is using a climbing harness. The hanging man also threatened to kill himself. A negotiator was trying to get the man down from the deck. At 1:36 a.m. Monday, Ahern, the police officer tweeted that all the efforts are being made to bring a positive conclusion to this situation. The traffic on Upper Wacker around Trump Tower, overlooking the Chicago River at 401N Wabash Ave has been blocked by the Police. A crowd gathered around the tower. It was rumoured to be part of a publicity stunt for the upcoming Batman movie which was shooting in the city recently.

On Monday morning, the CTA announced reroutes through the area on the southbound 6, 134, 135, 136 and 146 bus routes because of ongoing police activity at Wacker and Wabash. Dangling from a rope off Chicago’s Trump Tower Sunday night was an alleged member of the Black Lives Matter movement – demanding to speak to the president and the media, as stated by a report. The unidentified man expected to be 20years old witnessed hanging off the side of the riverfront skyscraper around 5.30PM. The man threatened suicide, desired to speak with Trump and the media, Police told the newspaper.

A video of this man, filmed while hanging from an orange rope, began circulating later Sunday night on social media — and at one point acknowledging he’s in Chicago — the man identifies himself as a Black Lives Matter member with a message for Trump, the footage shared by Inside Paper stated. “I don’t want to die. I’ll jump and die if someone tries to pull the rope,” the man said, panning the camera down for a view of the Chicago River. “I have a knife. If someone will try to pull, I will cut the rope and will probably die. Though he did not make clear what he wished to speak to Trump about, but said, “If Mr. Trump, promises something he should fulfill it before the election.”

The man, estimated to be in the 20s desired to have a conversation with trump followed by a threat if his demands  were not met, stated the Officers who first received the reports of him hanging from the Trump International Hotel and Tower at 5.27 p.m. Later streamed live on the Facebook, this video of the man identified him as a Black Lives Matter member as he threatened to cut the rope with the knife he had, if somebody dared to “pull on it”.

US Elections: Second Presidential Debate, the Last Hope for Trump and Biden


The last and final presidential debate between the Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is all set to take place on October 22, 2020, which is less than two weeks before the grand ‘Election day’.

According to the opinion polls, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading over Donald Trump in significant states. But, this can’t decide the outcome or results as the full votes are yet to be cast.

With just countable days for the election, Donald Trump arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday to spend the night there. He will be attending the campaign rally in Carson City on Sunday at 4 pm. Trump was seen wearing the ‘Make America Great Again’ cap in the campaign rally at the airport in Muskegon, Michigan.

The upcoming presidential debate will be the second and last debate between Trump and Biden. Trump tested positive for covid-19 after his first debate with Joe Biden. The final debate will be hosted by Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Kristen Welker of NBC News will serve as a moderator to the debate. The other details and topics to be discussed in the second presidential debate are not yet revealed.

Political experts say that the second debate is Donald Trump’s final chance to prove his stand to the Americans. Since Bernie Sanders came out of the Democratic primary and Baden was selected as the Presidential nominee, Biden has been leading Trump with significant points. Biden’s leading points are growing ever since then. As of October 14, Joe Biden is leading Trump at 10.5 % points.

To Trump’s unfortunate, the covid-19 pandemic has affected the US economy to a worse extent and resulted in a negative impact on his administration. It will also be a big challenge for Joe Biden to stabilize the US economy if he comes to power. Also, the US is the biggest contributor to rising covid-19 cases. At the present US is seeing a fresh wave of coronavirus cases. Over 900,000 Americans have filed for unemployment assistance in the last week.

The recent controversial email thread targeting Hunter bidden has made the headlines globally. Rudy Giuliani is trying to turn this into a national Scandal to turn people against Joe Biden. It is also expected that Trump might talk about this issue in his upcoming rally or during the presidential debate to remind people about it again.

During the first presidential debate that was held on September 29, the FiveThirtyEight polling showed Joey Biden ahead of Donald Trump by 7.1 percentage points. This has grown up to more than three percentage points since then. It is also reported that Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in significant swing States. This gives him a clear way to 270 Electoral College votes. To win the re-election Trump has to improve his support in these swing States or place his faith over the huge polling miss. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are getting a final chance to prove their stands to the Americans in this last presidential debate.