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PayPal Pay in 4 not working (Check Here How to Fix the Issue)

PayPal Pay in 4 not working (Check Here How to Fix the Issue)

Are you a PayPal user? Got stuck while doing transactions by accessing PayPal Pay in 4 features? There are many customers who complain that their Paypal Pay in 4 not working. This encourages us to find out its fixes and prepare a guide on How to fix PayPal Pay in 4, not working issues. So just go through our guide to solve this problem.

For those who are not familiar, PayPal is an online payment system in a large number of countries. People use it for online money transfers. We can say, it is the best electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. PayPal has been used as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and many other commercial users. It supports transactions in all currencies except USD.

This Company was established in 1998 as Confinity. Initially, the company used to develop security software for handheld devices. But this business got no success. So, the company switched its focus to Digital Wallet.  In this way, PayPal becomes the first electronic payment system in 1999.

After that PayPal went public through an IPO in 2002. It became a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay later in the same year valued at $1.5 billion.

Talking about its functionality, PayPal charges a fee in exchange for the benefits like one-click transactions and password memory. In 2015, eBay spun off PayPal to eBay’s shareholders. After that, PayPal becomes an independent company. The company got 134th rank on the 2021 Fortune 500 of the largest United States corporations by revenue.

What is PayPal Pay in 4 feature?

PayPal is offering a feature of pay in 4.  This feature lets you split your purchase into 4 payments, with the down payment due at the time of transaction and 3 subsequent payments made every 2 weeks thereafter. Currently, this feature is available for only US customers.

There are no fees for choosing Pay in 4 in the starting.  However, if you are late with a payment you may be charged a late fee. Any customer can use Pay in 4 for eligible shopping cart values between $30 to $1,500.

However, there are few conditions that the customer needs to complete in order to avail of this feature.

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age. You must also have a PayPal account in good standing. Currently, this payment method is not available for certain merchants and goods. When you apply for the Pay in 4 payment method,  you will be taken through the application process.

After that, PayPal internal system checks out and takes the decision of approving/ disapproving the request.

Now, PayPal Pay in 4 feature has started creating problems for several users. Many users have reported that the Pay in 4 services of PayPal is not working. Instead of their account is approved, this feature is not working at all.

Customers said that when they purchase a thing a try to make payment through Pay in 4, it does not work. Every time they try to make a payment, it shows pending status.

It’s really shocking to see that the Pay in 4 feature fails to do the transaction, still, a certain amount of the money to deduct from their account. But do not panic! If you are one of them who is facing the same issue, Just follow our guide on How to fix those issues by yourself. So without further ado, directly jump into it.

Fixes for PayPal Pay in 4 not working

Fix 1: Re-login to your PayPal Account again:

One of the simplest ways to solve this issue is Log out of your PayPal account and log in again. Sometimes, due to corrupted files, the application starts creating a problem. Just re-login to your account and wipe of all your queries.

Fix 2: Wait for sometime

Sometimes the system takes time in sending payment done notification. So, after making a payment, wait for a few minutes before attempting for a second time.

Fix 3: Servers-down

It is important to check out whether the problem is at your end or with the application. There might be some internal server issue going on. So, quit the website or the app for some time and try again after a few hours. You can even check the status of the app by using some third-party websites such as Downdetector.

If all these fixes won’t work for you, then try to make contact with the Company. Try to take help from the Help desk of PayPal.

Final Words

Well, this is how you can solve PayPal Pay in 4 not working problem. I hope, you will find this guide helpful. Keep sharing so that these fixes reach the users who are facing problems. I case of any query, do write us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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