Play FIFA 22 match between Xbox and PlayStation soon, EA Sports confirms


EA Sports’ crossplay testing in FIFA 22 is now live in Online Seasons and Online Friendlies following the latest squad update.

FIFA 22 players have long wanted the ability to play players on different platforms for the past few years now, and their wish has been granted, with EA Sports making crossplay testing live in FIFA 22. The crossplay test currently features in the Online Seasons and Online Friendlies game modes, meaning it will not impact FIFA Ultimate Team and the in-game FUT transfer market.

Crossplay is finally coming to FIFA 22

EA Sports has confirmed the possibility, stating that it will be conducting trials for Crossplay in Fifa 22 soon. Meaning a Fifa 22 match between users playing on Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia will be possible. Till now, the game restricts the players to their respective platforms, often making an online match between friends impossible.

The testing is being carried out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Google Stadia, and will restrict the functionality to Online Seasons and Online Friendlies. Once the feedback from these is evaluated, the feature will likely be extended to other portions of the game. For now, know that it will let you play a Fifa 22 match with friends as well as online opponents on different platforms.

What is the FIFA 22 crossplay test and what modes is it available for?

“For FIFA 22, crossplay is the ability to play the game with players from different platforms,” Said EA Sports via a blog post.

How do I enable or disable the FIFA 22 crossplay test?

“Once the Cross-play test is activated, when you’re in the main menu of FIFA 22, you can find a widget in the bottom right-hand corner that can be opened with the corresponding button prompt.

“From this widget, you can simply follow the button prompt to enable or disable your Cross-play test participation. There’s nothing else that you need to do. In this widget, you can also search for friends regardless of their platform, and you can also block and/or mute someone if desired.

“You can also control your Cross-play test participation by visiting the Matchmaking Options Settings screen. If you choose not to, you can simply toggle the Crossplay off, right from the main screen.

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