PUBG New State rename to New State Mobile; Lunar New Year events, rewards announced

Key Specifications:

  • Krafton changes the name of PUBG New State to New State Mobile
  • Krafton confirms that the game is going to be mobile-focus
  • New State Mobile also launches Lunar New Year events for the players

PUBG New State is going to rename itself. Krafton announces that the name of its latest battle royale game PUBG New State will be changed to New State Mobile. With this new name, Krafton confirms that New State is going to be a mobile-focused experience. The latest move by Krafton to rename PUBG New State suggests that the game could remain a mobile-only game and may not be released for PC and consoles

The developer changes the name of PUBG New State’s website and social media handles to New State Mobile.

PUBG New State is now New State Mobile

Meanwhile, Krafton recently announces a new set of Lunar New Year events and rewards in the game that will run until February 2. The first event will grant three BP Random Boxes to players who log in to the game for at least four days, and four Royale Chest Tickets to players who play BR: Extreme mode at least thrice daily for four days.

The second event will grant three Frozen Wonderland Crate Tickets to players who play BR: Extreme at least 12 times before February 2, while gamers who win a Chicken Dinner in BR: Extreme will get five Chicken Medals

The developer is planning several changes coming to New State Mobile this year. Krafton has taken one step towards the up-gradation of the game with the brand-new BR: Extreme mode.

The BR: Extreme mode takes place on a small battlefield on the Troi map, which changes randomly every match. Each match lasts for 20 minutes only and features 64 players. Each player spawns with a P1911 handgun, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters. Along with these, 2 Care Packages will be dropped at random locations at the beginning of every match.

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