Russ Mitchell looks back at the historic year of 2020


It’s been a year of non-stop headlines, painful losses, and incredible innovation.

CLEVELAND — One year ago today, none of us could have predicted the wild ride that has been 2020.

From the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, to a global movement against racism, and so much more, here’s a look at the stories, the challenges and the hope, that made 2020 a year like no other from our Russ Mitchell.

The start of a new decade and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. But in a year that altered the course of history, we saw days of tragedy, triumph, and tenacity we never saw coming.

January began with news of a presidential impeachment trial. It quickly turned to reports of a mysterious illness.

We then felt the shocking loss of a sports icon.

But soon the world watched and changed, as a public health crisis began to loom large. This was even as we heard a very different message.

By March, the coronavirus pandemic reached us here in Northeast Ohio and life as we knew it quickly began to change.

We all adjusted to life at home with daily press conferences and new household names, all coupled with the worry of an uncertain future. 

The pandemic quickly made us learn to adapt and pivot, with virtual windows into our world. But also provided us with a new understanding of a very dire situation. 

May brought a major awakening around racism in this country. A turning point for change. 

As the weeks went by, the world began to reopen even as cases here in Ohio continued to spike. 

Summer gave way to fall and a very different start to the school year. Cleveland would step into the national spotlight for the first presidential debate and the fallout that followed. 

By early October, President Donald Trump joined the more than seven million Americans who had tested positive for COVID-19 as case numbers continued to climb. 

November brought an Election Day unlike any we’ve ever seen. Calls for challenge, calls for peace, calls for democracy, with a new president-elect and vice president-elect finally named. 

It brought a memorable end to a historic year and a historic start for new hope….and healing. 

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