Satisfactory Cheats & Console Commands (September 2021)

Hey Folks! Looking for Satisfactory Cheats and Console Commands? Then you have landed on the appropriate post. Satisfactory Console Commands lets the players alter different aspects of the game. Sadly, you will find limited commands in the game’s settings. This guide will tell you all the Satisfactory Cheats and Console Commands for September 2021. Plus, you will get to know how to enable these commands.

Satisfactory Cheats

Satisfactory is a simulation video game that was released in 2019. Talking about the Gameplay, It is an alien planet that provides many tools to the players. The players can use these tools to harvest the planet’s natural resources to get factories constructed.

Besides constructing factories, players have to battle with alien lifeforms, entering conveyor belt heaven, and researching new technologies. All these tasks are not so simple. For this, players need Satisfactory Cheats and Console Commands.

For the ease of our readers, we are going to share the list of all cheats that you can type in the console. These codes will let you get free game resources and these can be used to modify the game settings. Moreover, it also provides you details like information about your enemy, and details about automated vehicles near the player.

All Satisfactory Cheat Codes

  • Gamma [number] – It will change the gamma (brightness) level.
  • materialFlowAnalysis recipeName[FString] – It will help you find the items required per second for all craftable items.
  • r.TemporalAASamples [number] – It will set the number of samples to use for TAA. (Def 8)
  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen [number] – It will set the amount of a simple sharpen filter. (Def 0)
  • materialFlowAnalysis(item name) -Used to find the items you need for all craftable items.
  • r.Atmosphere(followed by 0 or 1) – Used to activate or deactivate the atmosphere
  • Stat Unit — It will showcase the information about various graphic statistics
  • Suicide — It will kill the player
  • Pause – It will pause the game.
  • r.TemporalAAFilterSize – It will set the spread of the TAA samples. Values below 1 sharpen the image. It will only show you the result when you put r.TemporalAASamples value more than 6.
  • Stat FPS — It will showcase an FPS counter
  • Stat Levels — It will provide level streaming info
  • t.MaxFPS [value] — It will set maximum framerate (Set the value to 0 for unlimited) (Default is 0)
  • r.Atmosphere [either 0 or 1] – It will activate or deactivate the atmosphere.
  • r.Fog [either 0 or 1] – It will activate or deactivate the fog.
  • r.ViewDistanceScale – It will set the render distance of things such as foliage, rocks, and trees.
  • r.ScreenPercentage [percent] – It will set an internal resolution scale.
  • r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight [number between 0-1] – It will set the impact of the current internal frame on the final image.
  • FOV [value] — It will set Field of View. (Don’t enter higher than150)
  • ShowDebug [DebugType] — When you use this cheat with any DebutType, you will be shown information like player’s name, coordinates in the world, owner, base eye height, rotation and instigator, and more.

Satisfactory Cheats Debug Types

  • AI: It provides information about AI near the player
  • AKAUDIOSOURCES: It showcases information about active audio sources
  • ANIMATION: It shows information about the type of frame animations
  • BONES: shows info about Bone connections
  • CAMERA: It provides information about the installed cameras.
  • CIRCUITS: It gives information about the circuits
  • COLLISION: It shows information about collisions
  • FACTORY: It shows information about the player built structures
  • FACTORYCONNECTIONS: It showcases info about the Factory connections
  • FORCEFEEDBACK: It gives information about the force feedback values
  • INPUT: It shows information about the input method currently used
  • NET: It gives information about Multiplayer connection
  • NONE: It showcases only default information.
  • PHYSICS: It shows information about the velocity components
  • POWER: it showcases info about the power
  • RADIATION: It gives info about the radiation
  • RADIATIONSPHERES: It gives information about the Radiation Spheres
  • Reset: It hides the debug information
  • SIGNIFICANCEMANAGER: It shows info about the significance of sounds
  • TRACKS: It shows info about the Railroad subsystem
  • VEHICLE: It shows information about the current vehicle
  • WEAPON: It gives information about the current weapon

There are few commands that are listed under autocomplete list. But these commands don’t respond when executed. Some of these commands are:

  • Cheats
  • Teleport
  • Ghost
  • Fly
  • GiveItem

How to Enable Cheat Console in Satisfactory?

Enabling Cheat Console in Satisfactory is simple and straightforward. To open Cheat Console, Press Ctrl+ Shift+ L.  You can also press the tilde (~) key to open the console command. When it gets open, start typing cheats in it. After that, see the effects on the screen.

There is a shortcut to get the full list of Satisfactory Cheats by pressing one key. Launch the console and type Question Mark (?) To view the entire list of available cheats in different colors.

  • Green Commands: Can use as a Public User.
  • Purple Commands: Only Admin can execute it.
  • Grey Commands: Read-only commands.

Final Words

Well, this is pretty much about Satisfactory Cheats and Console Commands. This guide will be helpful for you while playing Satisfactory Cheats. In case of any query, feel free to write to us. Keep sharing with your buddies.

Thanks for reading!

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