Shep Rose’s Family History Is Full of Lawyers and Money


The 40-year-old star has written another book, this one titled Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar, according to People. And it seems to be a mix of life lessons the reality television star has learned along the way, and perhaps some family secrets, too.

“The memoir, which will be a collection of essays, follows Rose as he gives his candid and honest takes on relationships (including the ins and outs of ghosting!), reveals his wildest stories from traveling abroad and opens up about any and all exploits that helped him grow into the person he is today, all in the hopes of encouraging readers to live an untamed life,” People reported.

And it really does sound like we will get more information about his family, and what it was like growing up. “I wrote this book for the fans and the haters,” Shep said. “I’m sure both groups will be horrified, but ultimately intrigued, by my insane exploits! You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe … but it just may be the best thing to come out of COVID, excluding, of course, Tiger King.”

The book is expected to hit shelves March 16, 2021.


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