Snap announces new AR shopping experiences, Dress Up feature and more

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, is showcasing new technology to boost augmented reality (AR) shopping experiences for both brands and users. At its annual Snap Partner Summit (2022), the company made a host of announcements focused on its AR technology as well as new software features for driving an AR shopping experience from the retail side.

The company is introducing a new in-app destination within Snapchat called “Dress Up” that will feature AR fashion and virtual try-on experiences. It’s launching tools that will allow retailers to integrate with Snapchat’s AR shopping technology within their own websites and apps, among other updates designed to ease the process of AR asset creation.

Snapchat is bringing a new technology to boost AR shopping experiences

For its AR Shopping experiences, Snap plans to introduce AI-powered shopping Lenses for trying on outfits. Lenses on Snapchat are the equivalent to filters on other platforms, and typically involve an AR element to them.

Today, Snap announced it will put AR technology more directly into retailers’ own hands by allowing them to use Snap’s AR try-on technology within their own mobile apps and websites, with Camera Kit for AR Shopping.

This AR SDK (software development kit) will bring catalog-powered shopping lenses into the retailer’s own product pages to allow their customers to virtually try on their clothing, accessories, shoes, and more. At launch, the feature works on iOS and Android apps, but Snap says it will work “soon” on websites, as well.

How to Access Snapchat new features

Its first global partner to use the technology is Puma. This will allow shoppers to virtually try on its sneakers using the Camera Kit integration. Shoppers need to simply point their phones at their feet to see the sneakers they’re considering appear in an AR view.

This feature is available in Lens Explorer. This will encourage users to browse, discover, and share new looks from around the world. Snapchat users will also see a shopping section within their Profile. Users can locate products they have favorited, recently viewed, and added to their cart. Snap says that any brand’s Lenses will be considered for Dress Up if they’re available on their Brand Profile.

The feature will be in beta, though. The company plans to roll it out more broadly post beta-testing. “It’s an additional feature set that we’ve honed in, specifically for retailers. It is not just integrating our Snap AR tech into their app.

Snap is also bringing Ray Tracing to its Lens Studio feature. This will let developers and businesses create Lenses that are true to life. It’s an important aspect to make AR more realistic.

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