‘SNL’ “Christmas Morning” Short Stars Kristen Wiig as Undervalued Mom


The family members unload their stockings, and once again, Kristen’s character gets neglected. “Mine has a set of travel games,” raps Kyle. “And mine is stuffed with candy canes,” adds Chloe. “Mine has a bottle of nice cologne,” says Beck. And Kristen? “Mine is completely empty / Just a big, flat sock with nothing inside / Only hang it up because it looks kinda weird if it’s missing in our pictures.”

Then the family realizes there’s still a trove of presents under the tree.“Aw, you guys really didn’t need to get me anything,” Kristen starts. But she’s interrupted by the other three family members, who exclaim, “It’s presents for the dog!”

And finally, to add insult to literal injury, the family poses for a family photo that Kyle, Chloe, and Beck’s characters post to social media against the mom’s wishes. She doesn’t have makeup on, she was up until 4 in the morning, and her eyes are closed in the photo!

The sketch ends with a voiceover PSA: “Your mom does everything for your family. This year, get her more than one present. Moms like stuff, too!”

And moms across the nation shouted a collective, “Amen.”


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