Steam Game Festival is going to start on February 3

Events are the change days from regular everyday monotonous life and give us a huge experience and enhance learning as well. Isn’t it? If like me, you are also waiting for an event, there is good news for you. The most awaited Steam game festival is going to start on February 3 and will continue to Feb 9. The festival will give viewers/players the to Explore over 500 free game demos, watch developer live streams, and chat with developers about the games they are making. If you love gaming, what could be better than joining this event.

Join the game steam festival to demo upcoming games, chat with devs and watch developer live streams.

You can set a remainder too so that you may not miss the event. For this, you have to Google search query “Steam game festival”. Open the link to the steam official site you see in google search and then set a reminder. When you click on Remainder, you have to Sign in to your account. If you do not have one, then create one and sign in to proceed.

Valve has issued a sneak peek for some of the games that will be showcased, especially a handful of action and artifice titles. The action titles you’ll be capable to try include Run wild Entertainment’s Almighty: Kill Your Gods, which will have you holding your island from gargantuan monsters either by yourself or with friends. Bloodroots by Paper Cult is a hyper-stylized beat ’em up game about revenge, while Slipgate Ironworks’ Graven is a fantasy FPS. There’s also Zenovia’s debut game Steel Assault, which is a 16-bit platformer set in post-apocalyptic America, and Vaki Games’ multiplayer hack-and-slash tower defense game Kingshunt.

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