Swensons secret menu hacks: Triple Galley Boy burger and more


Behold, the triple Galley Boy and other Swensons secrets you probably never knew about.

AKRON, Ohio — Editor’s note: Video at the top of this story was originally published on Aug. 27, 2019.

Known for its signature Galley Boy — a double cheeseburger smothered in two homemade sauces — Swensons is frequently ranked among the best burger spots in America. It’s even a favorite of Akron native LeBron James.

But there’s something special about Swensons that you probably never knew existed. Yep, there are secret items that aren’t listed on their traditional menu.

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Our discovery of the secret menu hacks first surfaced when Swensons posted a picture of a triple Galley Boy on their Facebook page earlier this month. The post generated lots of attention with some wondering when – or how – they could order one.

Turns out, the triple Galley Boy is nothing new.

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“Because we cook everything fresh, our menu is completely customizable,” said Kevin Howley of Swensons.

He said any sandwich can be made Galley Boy style. But that’s not the only twist to the menu.

“Over the course of our 86-year history, eager customers have found hidden treasures in our menu possibilities. Craving a Galley Boy but you’re observing Lent? Get a fish sandwich ‘Galley Boy style.’ Want a burger with an onion ring and our secret red sauce? Be our guest. We’re here to serve you.”

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He said the customization also extends to sides and milkshakes “where people love to mix flavors of have brownie sprinkled in.”

But we wanted more secrets, so Swensons offered up this list of some of their most popular menu hacks:

Double or triple Galley Boy: Want something bigger than the traditional Galley Boy? Here you go!

Grilled cheese with Coney sauce: For those who love a little bit of burger with their cheese. This treat takes our Coney sauce, which is made from the same freshly ground American beef as our burgers, and stuffs it inside our grilled cheese sandwich.

Fish sandwich “Galley Boy style”: Galley Boy goodness isn’t only for burgers. Swenatics often order fried chicken or fish sandwiches “Galley Boy Style.’

Egg salad sandwich with cheese and bacon: Although we don’t serve “breakfast,” Swenatics have found a tasty breakfast hack by adding bacon and cheese to their egg salad sandwiches.

Lemon blueberry milkshake: Enough said.

Fried chicken sandwich with Cajun spices: While we don’t have a “spicy chicken sandwich” on the menu, Cajun adds a flavorful punch of spice to our fried chicken sandwich.

Cajun on any side: From a burger to a fried bologna sandwich, not to mention a meatless Salad Boy, we pride ourselves on having something special for every taste in the car.


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