Denmark to kill 17 million minks to reduce spread of COVID

[ad_1] It’s a bad day to be a mink in Denmark. The Nordic country will cull its entire herd of up to 17 million mink after the furry creatures were… Read more

CNN anchor John King won the internet on Election Day

[ad_1] A clear-cut winner did emerge on Election Day — on social media, at least. CNN anchor John King earned heaps of praise from viewers for an indefatigable job calling… Read more

Prosecutor accused of botching Ahmaud Arbery case loses post

[ad_1] A Georgia prosecutor accused of mishandling the Ahmaud Arbery murder case was voted out of office Tuesday. Jackie Johnson, who has served as Brunswick County district attorney since 2010,… Read more

Bernie Sanders predicted much of 2020 election night on Fallon

[ad_1] Bernie Sanders accurately predicted much of election night chaos with striking precision during a segment that aired last month on the “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. Asked about… Read more

Viral video shows volatile face-off with Trump caravan in Texas

[ad_1] Tensions flared in a predominantly black Fort Worth neighborhood ahead of Election Day when a Trump caravan drove up to a polling place in the Texas city and was… Read more

Here’s how the US can get back into the Paris climate accord

[ad_1] It took an entire year for the US to formally withdraw from the Paris climate accord — but rejoining could be as quick as a month. The US could… Read more

Slovak police warned Austria that Vienna gunman tried to buy ammo

[ad_1] Police in Slovakia alerted Austrian authorities in the summer that “suspicious people” had traveled to the country to try and buy high-powered ammo a few months before the deadly… Read more

AOC slams Democrats for lack of effort to win Latino voters

[ad_1] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Democrats for not putting in enough of an effort to win over Latino voters after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden underperformed with Hispanics in states… Read more

Astronomers discover hellscape planet that rains rocks

[ad_1] Astronomers have uncovered a hellscape planet that rains rocks, has deep lava oceans, and clocks winds of more than 3,000 mph. The planet dubbed K2-141b exists more than 200… Read more

Man admits shooting wife who said he wouldn’t pull trigger: cops

[ad_1] A Missouri man admitted to fatally shooting his wife — after she told him he wouldn’t pull the trigger during an argument at their home, police said. Aaron Guilliams,… Read more