The 5 Best Christmas Shows to Watch With Your Kids


If you want to teach your little ones the true meaning of the holiday season, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful special. In “Arnold’s Christmas,” we learn more about the backstory of Mr. Hyunh. Over 20 years earlier, Mr. Hyunh gave his daughter to a soldier in hopes that she would be safe and live a happy life. We learn that he traveled to the city where he was told she was in order to find her, never giving up his search. 

When Christmas arrives, Arnold wants to reunite their family, but it’s Helga, who gives up her Christmas present and searches all night, who finds Mai. There’s a reason why “Arnold’s Christmas” is treated as a holiday classic. It’s a story of family, reunion, love, and realizing what truly matters. Although some of your youngest may not understand the full story, it’s a beautiful tale for the whole family.

Stream “Arnold’s Christmas” on Hulu.


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