Home Entertainment The feed season 2 Release, cast, trailer, Everything we know so far about the upcoming Amazon prime show

The feed season 2 Release, cast, trailer, Everything we know so far about the upcoming Amazon prime show

The feed season 2 Release, cast, trailer, Everything we know so far about the upcoming Amazon prime show

Looking forward to the releasing of The Feed Season 2? Continue reading the page and get to know about every single fact about the same here.

A British fiction web TV series, The Feed is inspired by a novel of the same name. It was first aired on September 16, 2019, on Virgin TV Ultra HD in the UK and spellbound the audience with its excellent screenplay, story, and direction. Since then, viewers are eagerly waiting for its second installment but unfortunately, the makers haven’t dropped any official statement yet.

Scroll down the page to the end and find out about the release date, cast, plot, and trailer of The feed season 2 Amazon Prime web series here.

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A Quick Recap The Feed Season 1

Before jumping to the updates of The Feed Season 2, let’s first recall the first servings of this web series. The story of The Feed sets in London and revolves around the British family of Lawrence Hatfield. He has invented an Omnipresent technology, named, The Feed. With the help of this technology, he can get all the information, memories, and emotions from anyone’s brain into which this is embedded.

However, things take a drastic turn when people start turning malevolent. The Hatfield family needs to stop the destruction anyhow. They all driven apart and strive to control the monsters created by them. This action-packed series is loaded with drama, emotions, and is technically equipped as well.

The First Season consisted of ten episodes in total. This series is a lethal combination of emotions and thrill and that is why it has tempted audiences across the globe. It tells a sensitive human story regarding survival and family. The Feed has proved the fact that one can go to any extent to protect his loved ones.

It is created by Channing Powel and Colin Teague, Misha-Manson Smith, Tinge Krishnan, Jill Robertson, and Carl Tibbetts. The first season of the series was well-received by the audience and, therefore, they are curiously waiting for The Feed Season 2.

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What About the Star Cast of The Feed?

The Feed mainly drives by Lawrence Hatfield and this lead character is played by David Thewlis. You have already seen this talented actor in several movies including, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Fargo, and a lot more to count. In addition to him, the next character of this web series is Michelle Fairley who has played the role of Meredith Hatfield, Lawrence’s spouse. This beautiful actress has been a part of several famous series like Game of Thrones, The White Princess, and Fortitude.

The Feed also features the very famous Guy Burnet who portrays Tom Hatfield, the eldest son in the family. Apart from Lawrence Hatfield, Tom has played a major role in the series as he is the first person in which Lawrence has implanted his technology. However, Tom always opposes this technology and this has broken their father-son duo.

The next important character you have seen in the series is Nina Toussaint-White who has played the role of Tom’s wife. She supports his husband’s viewpoint in the series and coincides with some major changes to the story. It is expecting that some of their characters might be part of The Feed Season 2.

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When Will The Feed Season 2 Coming Out?

The first installment of The Feed has gained massive attention from the crowd. Unfortunately, the show makers haven’t published any official statement yet for the release of the sequel. However, if speculations are to be believed, then the second season might be released at the end of 2021 or in early 2022. As this show left the audience at the cliffhanger and dropped the hint of the sequel, therefore, the second season will hit the screens for sure.

But keep in mind the fact that these are just rumors and NO official confirmation is available from the makers. All previous episodes are still available on Amazon Prime and, therefore, you can binge-watch them at any time.

Is there any trailer launched For The Feed Season 2?

No, not at all!! Since the makers haven’t announced The Feed Season 2, there is no point in releasing the trailer. However, we will update the same here as soon as it launches.


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