These Are the ‘Manhunt: Deadly Games’ Filming Locations


Even though Manhunt: Deadly Games takes place in Atlanta, the second season is not filmed in Atlanta, but is instead filmed in and around Pittsburgh, Penn. Funnily enough, the first season was supposed to be filmed in Pennsylvania, but because of timeline mishaps, was actually filmed in Atlanta. So it was expected that the second season would be filmed there too, but co-creator Andrew Sodroski and Michael Dinner, the series’ director, felt Atlanta lacked the “texture and grit and variety” they needed.

One of the big reasons to film in Atlanta would have been to use Centennial Olympic Park, but it has been renovated so many times since 1996 that they’d need to reconstruct it anyway for the series. Because of that, as well as the need for a forest near the city for the forest scenes, they ended up in Pittsburgh. You might recognize the Manhunt: Deadly Games forests, because they were actually also seen in WGN America’s series Outsiders.


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