UFC Analyst Megan Olivi Opens up on How Jon Anik and Others Provide Original Content

Megan Olivi is one of the best female broadcasters in sports entertainment today. One of the top presenters in the UFC, Megan is often seen interviewing UFC president Dana White as well as the fighters.

Well-liked by all those that work in the UFC, Megan Olivi is also married to Joseph Benavidez. A long time Flyweight contender, Benavidez has been a mainstay in the UFC roster.

UFC 254 ended with Khabib Nurmagomedov having submitted Justin Gaethje in the second round. However, all the praise was not solely directed at ‘The Eagle’. Olivi took to Twitter to reply to a user who had noted that Olivi does not use a teleprompter during the broadcast.

“@MeganOlivi I mean seriously, I just noticed that you’re not using a teleprompter for fighter walkouts. That’s insanely charismatic and impressive. Massive respect!”

The user no doubt gives credit to something most of the MMA community does not pay attention to. The world of a broadcast host can be tough as not only remembering the names and details of fighters but also being able to express yourself to the audience.

Olivi went on to show her appreciation for the post. She replied, “Thank you! We don’t use teleprompters on our broadcast, so everything you see from myself and Jon Anik during our stand-ups have all been committed to memory. Some nights have more than others but since we write all of our own scripts the memorization comes a bit easier.”

Megan Olivi has been covering the UFC for quite a few years. Olivi started with Fox Sports reporting on the UFC and has now continued with the new ESPN era. 

Megan Olivi and Joseph Benavidez

Megan Olivi interviewed Benavidez back when Joseph was part of the WEC. Things seemed to have kicked off as the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Olivi and Benavidez got married in 2015 and while they do not have any children, they are proud dog parents. Benavidez has had his fair share of ups and downs in the UFC and Megan has been there throughout.

“I’ve worked almost every single one of his fights, wins, and losses,” Olivi told MMAjunkie“It’s never, to me, something I even think about. I’m going to be there, regardless. And, no matter what, when he fights, the only thing I don’t like is people watching me watch him.

Olivi has become a familiar face in the UFC and her increasing popularity will ensure we see her at UFC events for the foreseeable future.

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