VIDEO: Dog rescued from Pennsylvania barn fire


A Pennsylvania barn was engulfed in flames with the dog still inside.

LITITZ, Pa. — A firefighter’s helmet camera captured an impressive rescue as he saved a dog from a barn engulfed in flames.

It happened in Warwick Township, Pennsylvania on Dec. 19.

A man told firefighter Ryan Balmer his dog was still inside the barn as it was in flames. Without hesitation, Balmer ran to the burning barn and called the dog from a window, but the dog was too scared and backed away.

That’s when Balmer started ripping off the window with his hands, pulling out the glass and the frame until he could climb inside. 

But Balmer was still unable to convince the dog to jump out the window, so he picked up the dog and lifted him through the window to safety.

Then the video shows the dog running through the snow to his thankful family.

The fire department said usually when they arrive at a barn fire like this one, the strategy is to “surround and drown” — getting crews all around the barn and dumping massive amounts of water on it until it’s out. But this one was different.

In a Facebook post, the department said it’s not often that a barn fire like this one is a rescue situation.

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