Was Queen Charlotte Black or White? Details on ‘Bridgerton’ Casting


The Bridgerton team used the speculation about Queen Charlotte’s background as a jumping off point to create the series the way they did. Showrunner Chris Van Dusen shared to ET, “Many historians believe that Queen Charlotte was England’s first queen of mixed race … I started to wonder what that could have looked like. What could this queen have done? Could she have used her power to elevate other people of color in society? Granted them titles? Lands? Dukedoms?” 

Golda Rosheuvel, the actress who plays Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton and a self-proclaimed period piece fan, is excited to bring something new to the genre. She explained to Insider, “The possibility for Black characters to love, to be passionate, to be seen in high status … You allow all that space to happen if you have somebody, who was ruling the country as a person of color.”

You can watch Bridgerton on Netflix now.


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