Watch dramatic bodycam video of chaos during Nashville explosion


Eerie calm turned to chaos in just seconds as officers responded to the downtown Nashville RV explosion on Christmas Day.

Dramatic bodycam footage released by Nashville police shows the moments just before and as an RV exploded in the city’s dense downtown on Christmas Day. 

In the video, officers are seen walking perilously close to the recreational vehicle as its recorded warning message blared telling people to get away from the area. 

The officers appear unaware that in just moments after the eerie calm, a dramatic shock would fill the air as the vehicle explodes. 

The bombing took place early on the holiday morning before the dense streets were active. The officers were responding to a report of shots fired and came upon the scene to find the RV blaring an ominous recorded message that a bomb would detonate in 15 minutes. 

As one of the officers walked around a corner to relative safety, the audio from the RV reportedly then switched to a recording of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown” just before it exploded.

Afterwards, DNA evidence found at the scene helped investigators link the vehicle identification number recovered from the wreckage to an RV registered to 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner.


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