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What are the best indoor concrete floor finishes?

What are the best indoor concrete floor finishes?

Concrete is a popular material for both the exterior and interior of the home. The material has numerous advantages and perfectly aligns with the industrial trend right. Filament light bulbs, concrete surfaces and exposed pipes can add an edge to any property. There are some key differences to bear in mind when laying concrete inside and outside the home. For interiors, the concrete should be finished with a polish, stain, or paint. Raw concrete has a tendency to look unfinished and a little rough around the edges.

So, why should you use concrete flooring?

Concrete produces a seamless and uniform floor that looks ultra-modern. Like neon walls and patterned wallpaper, other interior trends tend to age quickly and look dated after a few years. Concrete can withstand the test of time, both aesthetically and physically.

Concrete is incredibly durable and can withstand pressure from almost anything. High heels, furniture and pets won’t be a problem with concrete flooring. It’s easy to maintain if you have the appropriate cleaning products. Concrete is water and chemical resistant.

There are many types of concrete floor finishes


Once you have laid the concrete, sprinkle a power hardener over the top to add colour. The water inside the concrete will bond with the hardener and create a beautiful effect. After the concrete has hardened, you can use a chemical stain to intensify the colour.

Floor paint

Concrete floor paint provides a glossy look that is perfect for the high-traffic areas in your home. Please bear in mind that this is not the same paint you would use on the walls of your home. Epoxy paint is much more durable and resistant to scratches and chemicals. It’s a water-based acrylic stain that allows the moisture in the concrete to breathe. Traditional wall paints will peel on concrete and wear poorly over time.

Chemical stain

Use a chemical stain to create rich colours and patterns on your flooring. You can’t create intricate patterns with a stain because this method is fairly unpredictable. Test out the stain on a small patch of concrete to see how it reacts with your specific blend.


Polishing is a popular choice for concrete flooring. You can hire a professional to grind the surface down to a high gloss finish. The result will be even more durable and resistant to abrasions.

Metallic coatings

A metallic coating is similar to epoxy paint. It leaves the floor with a metallic effect and unique colour. This is a popular option for basement floorings that need a little pick me up. It also has the added benefit of being water repellent.

Make a statement in your home with a coated concrete floor throughout.