What Happened to JaMarcus Russell? NFL Quarterback Is Known For …


When the shocking news broke that Dwayne had been cut after just two seasons with the Washington Football team, Twitter freaked out… and couldn’t help but make these comparisons between the two quarterbacks.

“Dwayne Haskins literally playing himself out the league. JaMarcus Russell 2.0,” one person tweeted.

Another added, “It appears Dwayne Haskins has cemented his standing as a legend. ┬áHe’ll take his place with Ryan Leaf, Todd Marinovich, Johnny Manziel & JaMarcus Russell in future lively discussions on who is the biggest QB draft day bust in history.” While this individual wrote, “Dwayne Haskins pulled off the Jamarcus Russell challenge in under 2 seasons. Impressive.”

This football fan posted, “JaMarcus Russell lasted longer than Dwayne Haskins and he was watching blank tapes of game film. Let that sink in.”


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