What Happened to JJ Da Boss’s Cars? How Did They Wind up Scorched?


For most people, the loss of a car in a massive trailer fire would be pretty devastating. For Jonathan Day, or JJ Da Boss as he’s more widely known, it’s apparently just part of being a street racer. JJ Da Boss has been featured on the Discovery show Street Outlaws, which focuses on the world of street racing. Now, JJ is dealing with the loss of several of his vehicles. 

What happened to JJ Da Boss’s cars?

Recently, it was discovered that several of JJ’s most prized cars burned up in a massive trailer fire. The cars in the trailer when it burned up were the new Ole Heavy, a newer version of his signature ride, and a Chevrolet Nova that JJ bought and called Grey Goose. Although the cars definitely represent a loss for the veteran street racer, JJ has many other cars in his collection that he can race with. 

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Still, many fans were quick to point out how odd it seemed that the trailer fire had occurred so suddenly, especially after another very similar fire hit Reaper, a famous street race car, just a week or so before JJ’s trailer went up in flames.

“It’s a bad week to be a race car trailer…,” one user posted on Yellowbullet, a forum where street racing is one of the main topics. 

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Others chimed in, wondering how it was possible for the two fires to take place so close to one another. 

“F–k that. After all these folks losing their s–t in trailer fires, it’s starting to become suspicious. Why the f–k are all these trailers burning to the ground with cars inside? Are people that careless? Or are these trailers just accidents waiting to happen? Lack of maintenance? Or?” one user wrote.  

At this point, there’s been no suggestion of foul play, and no evidence that anyone had a hand in burning these trailers. Still, the fact that these two fires happened so close to one another is naturally going to lead to some questions from people both in the street racing world and outside of it about what exactly happened. After all, it’s not every day that trailers just spontaneously combust. 


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