What Happened to Ozone From ‘Breakin’? Everything We Know So Far


If you like dance and the 1980s, there’s a chance you’ve seen Breakin’. The film was inspired by a documentary titled Breakin’ ‘n’ Enterin’ set in the hip hop club Radio-Tron. One of the most famous dancers in the film was Adolfo Quiñones, aka ‘Shabba Doo,’ who played Ozone. After a recent announcement from his close friend Toni Basil, fans have been wondering what happened to this legend. Unfortunately, it appears that Adolfo has passed away.  

Adolfo had an incredible career.

Aside from Breakin’, Adolfo appeared in several TV shows including, but not limited to,The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Married … with Children, Miami Vice, What’s Happening!!, Saturday Night Live, and Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure. He toured with and choreographed dances for the likes of Madonna, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, and Three 6 Mafia. 

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In June 2020, there was a cast reunion for Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, where the cast members were encouraged to reflect upon the legacy of the cult classic. Adolfo said at the virtual event staged by Yahoo Entertainment, “I didn’t particularly care for Breakin’ 2.” He also hinted that a third film was in the works. “In today’s world, the king of street dancing should be a woman, first of all. … We hope to not recapture what we did before but do something much greater.”

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In a 1987 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Adolfo indicated that his love of dance began when he was very young. “Just at parties and things… My mom used to throw me out there like a fighting chicken. ‘Go out there and dance for Mom,’ she’d say…That’s how it all started.”

He got his start in show business on Soul Train. Following the success of his stint on Soul Train with the dancing group The Lockers, Adolfo toured with Bette Midler. But his big break really happened with Breakin’. He indicated that success wasn’t always an easy path and that he was actually injured on the Breakin’ set, shattering his wrist. 

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Adolfo’s memory will be preserved with his incredible talent, dedication to his craft, and the sheer creativity he brought to the world of dance. Superstars and average Joes alike are thankful for his contributions to pop culture and entertainment. Fans can only wish for the best for his family. 


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