What Happened to the Real-Life Von Trapp Family? What to Know!


You can head to Salzburg, Austria to see the real von Trapp mansion where the family resided. The von Trapp clan left the home in 1938. It was then rented by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood but quickly occupied by the Nazis. Nearly 10 years later, in 1947, the missionaries bought the villa from the Trapp family.

In 1992, the villa was renovated and in 2008 it was turned into a hotel. 

Now, you can walk the halls, sing songs, and sleep in the same place that the real-life von Trapp family resided. 

According to the hotel’s website, “Every room is carefully furnished to keep the spirit of the former time, but to feel today’s comfort of decent living with every detail. The rooms are dedicated to their former function or the family member who once lived there.”


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