What Happened to Tom Segura? Details on His Accident and Injuries


Comedian Tom Segura is known for his oftentimes boundary-pushing jokes, but it was likely no laughing matter when he sustained several serious injuries at the beginning of December. The Your Mom’s House podcast host and Netflix stand-up star alarmed his 1.4 million Instagram followers when he posted from a hospital bed on Dec. 5.

In the photo, he showcased braces on both his leg and his arm, but he initially remained mum about what exactly caused his traumas.

Did Tom Segura get into an accident? What happened to his arm and leg?

Before Tom shared the photo of him from the hospital bed, he announced his injury on Twitter. He revealed that he had hurt himself on Dec. 1, and that it was so serious that he would have to cancel his upcoming comedy performances. 

“I was injured yesterday and it really sucks,” he tweeted on Dec. 2. “I can’t move. Multiple broken bones. Unfortunately this means I will not be able to do my shows this weekend in Phoenix. We are looking at rescheduling dates now. Will announce them when I can.”

Some of Tom’s followers then began speculating online about what caused his injuries. He later confirmed that he got hurt while playing basketball with fellow comedian, Bert Kreischer.

“What challenge were you and @BertKreishcher doing that caused this?” one follower asked.

“Basketball,” Tom replied, along with an emoji of a man holding his hands up. 

He went on to specify that he was dunking when he got hurt, and that he was the only person to blame for what happened. 

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Tom also joked that he was going to get rid of his basketball sneakers. Much to the satisfaction of some of his followers, Tom confirmed that he had a recording of the moment that he got hurt.

Two days after the initial accident, Tom revealed that he was set to undergo surgery. He did not mention what the exact operation was, but he did note he was thankful to his fans for their support.

“Thank you for all the messages,” he tweeted on Dec. 3. “Surgery tomorrow!”

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The Disgraceful personality did continue to keep his fans updated on his health, but he stayed true to form and make a few jokes along the way. His Instagram post appeared to show Tom post-surgery, and he had a knee brace and a wrist brace on.

“Thanks for all the messages. I’m moving along in recovery,” he wrote in the caption. “These are just the issues one has when you’re really really really strong.”

To promote a New Year’s event that he is hosting, Tom shared two photos on Twitter of his post-surgery incisions and sutures. The photos are graphic in nature, and they further confirm the severity of his injuries.

Those who are really interested in finding out how Tom was injured may be in luck. The comedian has shared that he will post the video on New Year’s Day. He also gave fans a glimpse of what happened in a recent YouTube post. 

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